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 Will: Resisting/​Casting Influence of Hostile Magic, Regeneration Will: Resisting/​Casting Influence of Hostile Magic, Regeneration
 Perception: Detection, Line of Sight Perception: Detection, Line of Sight
 +Here are a few tips for newbies on what to consider about the stats: ​
 +STR: think about what weapon you wanna use on your char find out what str is neede for it and choose str after that. Note all warriors need high str because str is the primary skill to almost all weapons. ​
 +INT: as a non caster int is used for track/​envenom/​cure light/pick. This means raise str 2-3 steps. For a caster Int is primary for mage offensive spells and max mana, Max int on mages. Max or 1-2 from max on clerics. ​
 +WIS: as non caster wis gives you better ability to mix herblores, raise 1-3. As caster wis is primary for cleric spells, gives more max mana. For casters see Int but switch Mage/​cleric. ​
 +DEX: gives you base defence and are primary for thief skills. High dex also gives you higher flee success rate. Non thief should not max dex, but raise it abit. Dex also gives you more moves. ​
 +CON: gives you hp/moves. high con gives you high move/hp regen. High con is good on all chars, if you don't have to bob your caster to much you have more mana for offensive spells. ​
 +WIL: spell save and mana regen, important for all chars. But some like to put points into other skills and risk getting toasted by a few spells. ​
 +PER: track is the key here, if you want track you need per. If you are a newbie or like to play as a hitter in a group per is nothing for you. also per gives you higher chance to succesfully cast a spell on your target instead of missing it. Very importand for thiefs. ​
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