General Information To use a herblore you need to obtain the lore, and something (herbal kit, strange herbal kit, alchemical supplies) in which you can mix the ingredients.


Poison is often deadly, and requires immediate action. Nature has provided us with certain herbs to defend ourselves from this vicious danger, if we know how to use them. Unfortunately, any remedy we hope to make will be very complex. The simplest, and most effective, is outlined below.

First, a base is made with two handfuls of blackberries, because of their healthy juice. Water lily petals, to purify the blood, and figwort, to purge the stomach, make that a thick paste. Finally the healing properties of the kingsfoil make it really efficient.

This mixture will not only cure most of the poisons that can be found in plants and water, but as well purge your body from the somewhat annoying effects of any potions.

How to obtain:

Kill the hillman-chief and loot thin parchment from his corpse (Doesn't always load). This village is located some north from Rivendell.

Alternatively kill the assassin behind tangle near Wight Captain. Can load on the assassin, but it's rare.

Ingredients: 2x blackberries, lily petals, figwort petals, athelas leaves

Product: a brown bottle

Effects: Cures amibia, poison, venom, alathen, aganar, minuial, firndal, psylonia, and arachnia. Gives immunity to these poisons for several hours.


To make bannocks light and brown all is needed is one pound of flour, three eggs, and the sweet golden treasure of a freshly crushed honeycomb. Mix the flour and the eggs in a large dish. When this has been transformed into a homogenous mixture, crush the honeycomb and add it in the paste. Mix it carefully. If the paste is too thick, you may have to add a small quantity of water or milk. Make then small round dough and use all your talents to cook it in a pan. This will give you enough bannocks for a week. Serve them with a cup of tea, beautiful cramsome bread and rich free butter.

How to obtain:

Find the lonely giant somewhere in the shire, and “comfort giant”. Listen to him and he will start following you. Bring him the items he asks for, and he will take you to his house to teach you how to make bannocks.

Ingredients: flour, 3x egg, honey wax (You can buy all 3 ingredients in Bree, flour and eggs at grocery; honey at bakery.)

Product: 8 balls of dough that can be cooked into delicious bannocks

Effects: Lightweight food that lasts a long time, fills you up and keeps you fed for good amount of time.


To create this wizard's brew, you must obtain juniper berries for promotion of higher thought. Mix these with the mystical mauve petals, to boost creativity, and sage to clear the mind. Finally, some thyme is needed to aid the memory. This brew will give the mage more energy, and replenish his energy at a faster rate. However, when the beneficial effects expire, he will be mentally exhausted.

How to obtain:

Kill the Bloodwight and loot his chest.


Juniper berries, mauve, sage (crushed), thyme (crushed).


A pungent brew

Effects: Mana +15 and mana regeneration +15 for 2 hours. After that, mana +7 and mana regeneration +7 for 4 hours. After that, mana -5 and mana regeneration -3 for 6 hours.

### Does anyone know the duration of pungent brew? It should be between 10-15minutes(Benedictus)


How to obtain: Give Glowsword to Shaman GM in NOC. Maybe some other items work also but probably just whitie artefacts (Silvery broadsword did not work @ 17Sep2012)

Ingredients: bat fur, salamander tail, sage leaves, water-lily petals, cardamom powder.

Product: a putrid dark balm

Effects: Greatly increases HP regen, Stops manaregen for the duration almost entirely

Confirmed it is still possible to learn this herblore. (Orcrist worked) /Elestir
Tairach has this and we use it quite often when regening. A very good herblore, and I'm amazed that nobody uses it more often. /Storan


How to obtain:

Give a gem (Anything except amethyst) to the orkish butcher in NOC and he will teach you the herblore.


Crushed tarragon, salamander tail, bat fur, and vial of blood.


A flask of orkish draught.


Instantly gives you some moves, and increases move regeneration for a minute or so, at the cost of some hitpoints. Exact amount of hitpoints and moves depends on age of draught (Old draughts hurt more and give less regen supposedly, not 100% sure about this though)


There are some situations when one needs all the courage and strength he can muster. In those critical situations, even the most common flu can turn a fearsome warrior into a dull mass of flaccid muscles. As the most prompt to ill race, humans have soon learned how to use herbs to cure the flu, among them thyme and sage were the most renowned. Later, one particular flower, formerly raised by the Entwives, appeared to have even greater healing virtues. From this flower, often called coneflower, a very effective treatment can be made to heal the average flu.

First of all one has to use honey as a base, but also to relieve the inflamed throat. Thyme and sage leaves should then be added, as their healing powers will greatly help the patient. The whole coneflower should then be mixed into the paste to help fight the infection and strenghten the body. Finally, the large leaves of the coneflower can be used to wrap the mixture, producing a sort of leaf-cake.

How to obtain: Complete the Leaf-cake quest.

Ingredients: coneflower, thyme, sage, honey mixture

Product: a leaf-cake (lasts long)

Effects: Cures the flu, you have to be at least a bit hungry to eat the cake.

Description: In the wild strange plants with strange properties can be found. One of the strangest is the phosphorescent moss which covers the walls of a few humid caves. It is believed that this light is emitted by a fungus which lives in symbiosis with the moss. What matters is the possibility to use it to prepare a draught which gives a limited vision in the night. The base of this concoction is the brown powder of a cinnamon stalk. In it add a handfull of rosemary leaves, to make mind more attentive. In this dry mixture put shreds of humidified phosphorescent moss, and mix carefully the whole, until you get a phosphorescent liquid. When quaffing it, you will feel more able to perceive your environment, specially during in the darkness, thanks to the moss. A side effect of its activity, as it draws its energy from your body, is to weaken you for a while. The whole lasts for several days.

How to obtain: The seeing herblore can be learned from a book carried by the witch south-east from Fornost.

Ingredients: Bag of cinnamon, rosemary leaves and phosphorescent moss.

Product: (outdated) Phosphorescent bottle (20/500) - lasts like 1 rl day.

Effects: Night vision. Perception +3 and constitution -1 for 10 hours. After that, perception +2 and constitution -1 for 15 hours. After that, perception +1 for 40 hours.

Description: In parallel to our world is the world of the Shadows, where undead and lost souls walk. Potent magic can create gates to this world, and Sauron the Necromancer has servants who live on the edge of the two worlds. Other undead creatures, such as the skeletons animated by foul magic, live also on this edge and their bones can be used as key for the Shadows world.

To concentrate the potency of these bones, you need to make a base with the powder of a cinnamon stalk, mixed with a few rosemary leaves which make the mind more receptive. Take then the dried rib bone of a formerly undead corpse, break it in small pieces, and add it in the crucible. Crush carefully the three ingredients with a mortar of white marble, until an homogenous powder is obtained. Once slipped in a bottle of water, you will have a potion which will give you access to the shadow world for four nights.

How to obtain: The spirit in “The Small Library” in the Spirit Caslte south from Fornost west of the Road to Fornost may load the book in which the lore is written.

Ingredients: Bag of cinnamon, rosemary leaves and rib-bone.

Product: (outdated) Sombre bottle (20/1000) - lasts like 1 rl day.

Effects: Shroud. Shadow world (detect invisibility) for a total of 100 ticks. Perception -3 and willpower -1 for 10 hours. After that, dodge bonus +2 and perception -2 for 60 hours. After that, dodge bonus +1 and perception -1 for 30 hours.


This oil, when made, will make the drinker limber and energetic, in combat he or she will be more able than normal.

The base for this recipe is a tincture of oil. Add paprika for stimulation of the muscles, and rose petals to warm them. A vanilla bean will cause the blood to circulate more quickly, and two parts of rosemary will quicken the mind and speed up reactions.

The user must be warned; after the exertion, his muscles will be tired and stiff for several hours.

How to obtain:

Bring to Erestor in Rivendell a dark-side artifact. It is not guaranteed that you will get the herblore though. Either you will get the herblore, or xp + chance on flask of miruvor (but chance for the herblore seems higher than 50% for most artefacts). (Maybe he teaches herblore only for items worth at least 5000 xp; Angmacil aka DCS is worth less so it could be the only artefact weapon which doesn't work for the herblore. There is also one evil item that gives more than 5000 xp and is not an artefact: “a deep black orb” and I *vaguely* remember that it worked for the lore. - Elestir)


tincture of oil, paprika, rose petals, vanilla bean, rosemary leaves x2.

Product: a vial of scented oil (lasted 71 minutes)

Effects: Offensive bonus +5 and dodge bonus +5 for 8 hours. After that, offensive bonus -5 and dodge bonus -10 for 4 hours.

Description: In the art of making a soothing draught, one must first make a base of honey. Often honey comes in the form of honey-combs, which must first be broken up into a thick pulp. Into that you must mix sage, for healing of the wound, and thyme to prevent the infection and partially numb the pain. Next, add a handful of blackcurrant so that the reagents can act together, and finally add the petals of a water lily, so that the blood may be purified and the wound may close.

When this draught is swallowed, for a while the recipient will experience a healing effect and his wounds will heal up. The fight against the infection will induce a spiritual weakness for a short duration.

How to obtain: Complete the quest given by Nordri in the Blue Mountains (see Quests).

Ingredients: honey, sage, thyme, blackcurrant, lily

Product: herbal draught

Effects: Hit point regeneration +15 and constitution +2 for 4 hours. After that, hit point regeneration +5 and dexterity -2 for 5 hours.


One who chooses to travel is greatly aided by this brew. It adds endurance to the muscles and speed to the legs. For almost an entire week, the imbiber will be able to travel farther and gain more benefit from rest.

This simple concoction is made by mixing in tarragon leaves, to give spring to the step, ginseng root, to give energy to the muscles, and clover, to aid the blood in its travels.

How to obtain:

Visit the Dunadan Ranger at Weathertop, and ask him about “Herblore.” If you have enough tps (Not sure how many required since TP changes.) he will ask you to bring him several items. You must collect these items by your self, you cannot be grouped, or have anyone in the zone when you pick up the items or kill the beast that loads them even. Bring the items back to him and he will teach you how to make travelling lore.


tarragon leaves, ginseng root, clover.


A mug of brew.

Effects: Movement point regeneration +10 and movement points +10 for 120 hours. After that, movement point regeneration +7 and movement points +7 for 24 hours. After that, movement point regeneration +3 and movement points +3 for 24 hours.

Description: One who chooses to walk between the towns of Eriador is greatly aided by this draught. It adds endurance to the muscles and speeds the legs, for the small cost of some loss in concentration and adress.

To prepare this brew mix a handful of tonifiant juniper berries with some clover as a base. Add a few crushed leaves of marjoram and freshly bought cloves, to clean the blood of its toxines and stop cramps.

How to obtain: Complete the quest given by Aldereon the ancient Noldo northwest of Greenholm.

Ingredients: clover, juniper berries, marjoram leaves and cloves.

Product: (outdated) Bowl of brew (10/100) - lasts 12 ticks.

Effects: Movement point regeneration +10 and willpower -3 for 24 hours. After that, movement point regeneration +5 and willpower -1 for 120 hours. After that, movement point regeneration +3 and willpower -1 for 24 hours.

Remark: (outdated) Walking and Travelling lores are incompatible: The brew you quaffed first will affect you for the mume week, and other brews won't affect you during this time (including brews of the same type - you can't refresh it when it gets weaker, just need to wait until it wears off).

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