Statistical analysis from various MUME character information (>info or >inf) screens. Ambition to find our what race and class is the fastest to level based on open logs that can be gathered directly from the internet using common tools and no privileged logins. Q. What race and class is the fastest to level? Quest accepted!

  1. Logfiles are downloaded from several locations but mostly from, some 5000+ logs and 1.5 GB of data was downloaded using WinHTTrack.
  2. In order to make some big data analysis and drilling in the data using advanced search features DocFetcher was used to create indexes and fast search results.
  3. As a database Microsoft Access was a handy choice as it supports VBA probramming to filter SQL questions using basic code and visual screens of the results. Some 500+ character profiles was managed in the database.
  4. Finally, data was exported to Microsoft Excel to fine tune the data and create the graphs below.

The answer to the initial question as indicated by the data is a Troll or an Elf (to little data about Hobbits). The average time per level is 0,229512767 hour. The average time to reach legend status (level 26) is about 200 hours. But given that there have been some major changes lately, great mapping tool and additional content I’m betting this time should be easy to beat.

If you would like to have the data files and make you own analysis, drop a mail to –

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