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It seems that all quests that give experience as part of the reward also have a quest 'trophy' as far as this experience gain is concerned. This means that if the quest is repeatable, you will be rewarded with slightly less experience each successive time you complete it.

Most quests in MUME are level-dependant, i.e. the higher level you are, the more complicated the quest is.

In most cases all you have to do is ask the mob about 'herblore' to get an herblore quest.

Oakscar quest

NB! reward cannot be combined with growth (Harle) and vigour (Poison forest) effects!

Quest: Before starting the quest, obtain a black heart and a shard of black ice: do yourself or get from another player. Black heart loads from frayed fell beast in CA(sometimes flies around the southern vale of anduin) or scarred fell beast in Emyn-nu-Fuin, shard from a cloud of black, icy shards.

Requirement #1- Shard of Black Ice:

Location: The entrance to this area is an exit down in a swampy area in the Central Vale of Anduin 8 or 10 rooms east of the Anduin. Note: You must swim underwater to enter this zone, so it is not accessible during the winter if the water is frozen.

Strategy: Be careful the room in the NE corner of this area is a DT. Also, the only exit up in this zone is a one-way out of it. Note: the water is not drinkable down here. The first thing to do is to kill all of the existing mobs. Once you have, the area will repop with harder mobs- kill this wave of mobs. You should do so from the south end of the area to the north end. The last mobs you kill should be in the NW corner. When the last mob in the zone dies for the second time, a secret door will open in the NW corner of the zone. Going through this exit will lead you into the final area with the Black Ice which you will not be able to exit until the Black Ice is killed. It will only remain open for a short time, so you must go through even if you are not full. Just be aware that the “boss” of the zone is going to hit you once you do. Once the Black Ice hits you, you can flee and regen to full. Kill the Black Ice. He has a lot of hp, is unbashable, and he casts offensive spells. But it's nothing crazy. Once he dies, take the Shard of Black Ice that sometime loads after his death. You can then exit the zone normally.

Requirement #2- Scarred fell beast:

Location: behind a secret exit south of the orc fortress that stands near the eastern end of the Old Forest Road in Mirkwood.

Strategy: The layout of the area changes over time. Listen for the forest to creak and groan. Several exits are muddled and cannot be searched for or opened normally. Instead you must type “hack bush”. You must have a slashing or cleaving weapon to be successful, cleaving weapon is faster. In four different rooms within this maze-like area you will confront the scarred fell beast. Each room is behind a bush and contains a tree, a shadow serpent, and some snakes. The fell beast will pop into the room, attack you, use a muddled fear effect to potentially make you flee, and then it will disappear via muddle. If you go center all the serpents come to center, so better to kill them 1 by 1. First kill all serpents in all 3 rooms. Then kill trees on all 3 rooms. If none of the trees open exit to center, you have to kill the room with 3 oaks in it. Then you can access the center, kill the last serpent and then the beast.

Reward: Fellbeast Hide Belt, Black Heart

Finish Oakscar Quest:

Go to East Mirkwood to area around Centre of the Twisted Woods and kill oaks and a darkly gnarled tree. Do not kill next gnarled tree because it's the quest mob, who summons more oaks and vines. You should recognize it because it talks and yells. If you get hit by gnarled flee and do oaks and vines. Kill all mobs he summons and then give one by one items to a gnarled tree for rewarded. After quest is completed you can kill it if you want. Sometimes gnarled can not spawn for 3 RL days after server restart or after someone did it. There is no way to check if gnarled has popped without doing 3xoak at entrance. There is a way to kill oaks solo without darkly gnarled popping with a spear or hewing spear. Best way to approach this quest is to first check if gnarled has popped because it is the rarest part of the quest.

Reward: +6 dodge bonus for a week
Achievement: You brought Oakscar the gnarled ent the objects he desired.

Rahku quest (Trolls only)

Go to Rahku and ask “climb”. If he says something about being able to climb like a spider, it means quest is active. It can be not active for many RL days. If he's not active then this happens:

o= W>ask rahku climb

Rahku the Mountain Troll says 'Rahku can climb like a spider!'

Rahku the Mountain Troll says 'One day, Rahku may consider teaching you.'

o= W>give corpse rahku

Rahku the Mountain Troll says 'Rahku not hungry now.'

Rahku the Mountain Troll gives you the corpse of *a Half-Elf*.

If it is active, bring corpse of a white warlord to Rahku. The person had to be on white warlord list before killing him, but not after.

If it is active then this happens:

!= W>ask rahku climb

Rahku the Mountain Troll says 'Rahku can climb like a spider!'

Rahku the Mountain Troll says 'Bring me a delicious, fresh puke corpse… Good, red meat!'

Rahku the Mountain Troll says 'Make sure it is an experienced fighter, Rahku likes those.'

Here you have to wait until he finishes talking, because if you don't you can't prac. Gotta wait till he says it's a deal or no, then agree.

Rahku the Mountain Troll says 'Rahku may consider teaching you then.'

Rahku the Mountain Troll says 'Is it a deal?'

o= W Move:Tired>agree rahku You agree with Rahku the Mountain Troll.

o= W Move:Tired> Rahku the Mountain Troll says 'Good. Now go get Rahku a lunch!'

o= W>give corpse rahku Ok. You achieved something new! Rahku the Mountain Troll accepted to teach you how to climb like a spider! Rahku the Mountain Troll tears a large, bloody piece from the corpse and devours it! Rahku the Mountain Troll devours the whole corpse!

Reward: Ability to practice 3 pracs of climb. 
He forgets fast that you can practice climb from him. 
So best to have 3 pracs ready.

Dreadful warg quest

Location: Dol Guldur orkish camp

Quest: Enslaved shadows raised by “Raise Dead” Spell can be used to possess weaker creatures. Raise a shadow from atleast a level 21 creature corpse. Go to Dol Guldur orkish camp and find “warg whelp” mobs and order shadow to possess whelp

Reward: A dreadful warg follower (slightly more damage and less defence than a hero level enslaved shadow, can bash)

Drake quest

Location: Around Dol Guldur

Quest: Trigger drake area entrance, kill drake (soloable with quake or combination of 1 buff and 1 nuker), butcher drake, insert bone at 4 statues, kill spiders, reveal/search loot

Reward: Runed awlpike, leaf shield, lightning pendant, agate, black spinel, gems, green metal

Evil druidess quest

Location: North-west of Dol Guldur camp

Quest: Kill 4 oaks, loot rotten core, insert core tree (nw corner), kill druidess

Reward: Root ring, phial (can be used for Dol Guldur citizenship or given to Dolion for new gloves), supple gloves

Magus quest

Location: North-East of Dol Guldur camp

Quest: Magus tower has illusion wall, just walk through. Hit magus until summons illusions, flee out, kill illusions 1 by 1, repeat until magus dead

Reward: Heightened-Senses herblore, darkness amulet, dusky robe, bloody hand (for troll mother quest), key to catacombs

Troll mother quest

Location: North-East of Dol Guldur camp, troll area

Quest: Kill magus, butcher corpse, give hand to troll mother. Kaspar: There should be(a rumor) a way to solo him as scout by luring bats to top tower, quite dangerous(easy to mob)

Reward: Huge iron collar (wakes you up (does 1 dmg) every tick or so when sleeping)

Black steed quest

Location: Dol Guldur camp

Quest: For BN-s. Kill druidess, get citizenship, buy black steed.

Reward: Black steed (Evil warhorse/rohirrim)

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