PvP Strategy

  • Do NOT be afraid of dying
  • Keep cool, do not panic
  • Try to predict the next move

“When you have been pking for a while don't be afraid of new areas - if you enter more unknown terrain you will (hopefully) have more fun. And do NOT be afraid of dying. Also, if/when you enter an unknown area try to keep cool, as soon as you panic you're most likely to die.” Submitted by Lahnborg

“Storeporting does not have to be wimpy!, storeporting always whenever there is a risk of dying is wimpy, but having a teleport stored to survive vs hugegroups traps etc is ok!” Submitted by Cagim

“Focus on killing, not on fleeing… 2 stored fballs+stored bolt can do miracles with bns, no need to store port instead… if you know that your opponent is known solo pker and see that he's offering you a 1vs1 fight, go for it, although you may die- you might actually kill your enemy and have the best fight in your mume career.” Submitted by Prist

“When you chase someone, always try to predict the next move of your enemy. Try to think where will he run to seek cover, how many moves does he has, how much mana left and so on… Having characters of different races and clases is very helpfull, because then you know their weak and strong sides.” Submitted by Ostu

“When you need to flee from a hugegroup- stay away from roads, swim and climb a lot, stay away from bottlenecks and don't panic… if you need moves, try to rest in an open area with a lot of nontracking mobs, Trollshaws for example- it is hard to track there and will take a lot of time so you'll have plenty of time to rest… don't rest in closable area with some shittymobs like caravanserai- if there's a portalling bn and 2-3 trolls on, you're toast…” Submitted by Prist

“If you'r fighting someone and they flee from you, dont follow it 1 room and track. Spam to where it most likely went. If you're fighting a dwarf at neni and he flees, spam some w and track, dont slowtrack it allover arda!” Submited by Mumma

“Don't kill linkless, for the fairness of each player. But, If you see someone who's killing linkless don't try to protect/warn/ follow the action - advice him/her not to proceed via tells. When/if the linkless victim die don't guard the corpse, don't yell to the other side that he's unlooted - if you do protect the linkless enemy in any way because this is against MUME rules. Also, people can be linkless even if they don't have a(Linkless)-flag. And some people to drop link to avoid beeing killed - these should of course be killed. So..be careful.”
Submitted by Lahnborg

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