A herblore is a recipe that will provide you with a potion or other item to help you in your travels. Herblore — mume.org

General Information To use a herblore you need to obtain the lore, and something (herbal kit, strange herbal kit, alchemical supplies) in which you can mix the ingredients.

Important! You CAN NOT mix herblore if you have not obtained special book/etc writing from the certain mob, even if you already know all components needed for lore. If you try it, you will always produce “unknown mishmash” instead of lore. But even if you have lore in your list (use “herblores” command while having herbal kit in equipment), you can fail attempt to make lore if you have low WIS. It is why for warrior/thief it's better to give lores/components to a friend caster to mix the lore.

All poisons except drake-slumber decay in 3 MUME days (72 minutes rl), also it's power decreases each day, so try to have fresh, less than 1 day old poison for pk!

For those who may not know, you can also buy any poison from the aged man behind greystonewall in the sewars of Tharbad. They are quite expensive though:

You can buy:
1. twenty dark violet vials full of oil up to 10 gold.
22. twenty dirty reddish vials full of oil up to 60 gold 5 silver.
43. twenty foetid green vials full of oil up to 22 gold 11 silver.
64. twenty green stinking vials full of oil up to 22 gold 11 silver.
85. twenty mildew covered vials full of oil up to 60 gold 5 silver.

                                   HERBAL KIT IMPROVES

1) Grey Havens herbalist
Price: Power-ring or belt
   Description: A delicate set of translucent glass measuring cups.

2) Niuldor
Complete Niuldor's quest to get upgrade. See under Quests.
   Description: An exquisite retort of polished copper.

3) Blue Mountains weaponsmith
Price: shining mail
   Description: A sharp-edged shining sickle.

4) Scarred man in Sewers
Find his herbal, that was stolen from him.
   Description: A handful of small, silvery bottles and vials. 

5) Thrakghash 
After he stops talking, ask Thrakghash research. First he will ask for herbs you must gather for him 
(foxtail, gingseng and 2 random), after that bring him rare herblore. Venom, belladonna doesnt work antidote, arachnia and better will.
   Description: A fine slender paring knife and a stout chopping knife.

6) Grobb (Zaugurz orcs)

   Description: A mortar and pestle of smooth, white marble.

7) Sabb
Sabb wears herbal kit with his upgrade on his belt. Kill him to get it.
   Description: A round metal sieve with a mesh of golden threads.
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