• Cleric - A supportive caster who excels in healing
  • Mage - A class who uses powerful volatile magic to deal damage
  • Scout - The furtive lone-wolf who deals damage from the shadows
  • Warrior - The strongest of all the classes and the best at hand-to-hand combat


Jahara's Stat Generator

Strength: Wieldable Weapons, Carrying Capacity/Fleeing, Offensive Bonus
Intelligence: Maximum Mana, Armour Spell, (Herblore?)
Wisdom: Maximum Mana, Herblore, (Sanctuary Absorb?)
Dexterity: Natural Dodge Bonus, Fleeing Rate, Maximum Moves
Constitution: Maximum Hit/Movement points, Movement Regen
Will: Resisting/Casting Influence of Hostile Magic, Regeneration
Perception: Detection, Line of Sight

Here are a few tips for newbies on what to consider about the stats: 
STR: think about what weapon you wanna use on your char find out what str is neede for it and choose str after that. Note all warriors need high str because str is the primary skill to almost all weapons. 
INT: as a non caster int is used for track/envenom/cure light/pick. This means raise str 2-3 steps. For a caster Int is primary for mage offensive spells and max mana, Max int on mages. Max or 1-2 from max on clerics. 
WIS: as non caster wis gives you better ability to mix herblores, raise 1-3. As caster wis is primary for cleric spells, gives more max mana. For casters see Int but switch Mage/cleric. 
DEX: gives you base defence and are primary for thief skills. High dex also gives you higher flee success rate. Non thief should not max dex, but raise it abit. Dex also gives you more moves. 
CON: gives you hp/moves. high con gives you high move/hp regen. High con is good on all chars, if you don't have to bob your caster to much you have more mana for offensive spells. 
WIL: spell save and mana regen, important for all chars. But some like to put points into other skills and risk getting toasted by a few spells. 
PER: track is the key here, if you want track you need per. If you are a newbie or like to play as a hitter in a group per is nothing for you. also per gives you higher chance to succesfully cast a spell on your target instead of missing it. Very importand for thiefs. 

Say we take a powerful cleaving dwarf that has absolutely no chance of tracking (63% according to the statgen).

Str:19 Int: 9 Wis: 7 Dex:15 Con:19 Wil:16 Per: 7.  (Dwarf: Pure Warrior)

By adjusting the stats slightly we are able to take away from Wil and Dex and boost Int and Per giving us 85% track. This is better considering the amount of stat points spent and the resulting practice percentages. The character that we would therefore create and start leveling would be using the following stats:

Str:19 Int:12 Wis: 7 Dex:14 Con:19 Wil:15 Per:10.  (Dwarf: Untrained Tracking Warrior)

After creating the character we can then train neglect Int and Per and train improve Dex and Wil back up to the values in the previous stats. Since Wil and Dex aren't that important for practice percentages we are able to neglect them for the purposes of learning track while still creating an extremely tough dwarf who will be able to dodge and regenerate moves on par with the original model that we based these stats on!

This technique is far more effective with combo classes where we boost the two main class skills at the cost of survivability. Here is an example of a bolting thief with 100% thief and 98% mage skills:

Str:13 Int:16 Wis:14 Dex:19 Con:13 Wil:11 Per:14.  (Elf: Unplayable Thief-mage)

This is mediocre overall, if not impossible to play. Instead of trying to placate both basic physical and mental abilities we will instead boost perception which is necessary for thief skill percentages and reduce constitution and strength (the stats that benefit the most from training). After the modification of the previous model, this character will have 104% thief skills from the 17 perception:

Str:11 Int:16 Wis:14 Dex:19 Con:12 Wil:11 Per:17.  (Elf: Untrained Thief-mage)

The next step then is creating the character where we then train down perception and then train up Con/Str for better physical stats so that he can take more punishment and wield better bows while still retaining the thief percentages of 17 perception!

Here is a list of statistics that I'll slowly build up as people submit them. Most of these stats should be tweaked in a stat generator and then also adjusted using train to the player's preferences. If you want to submit your stats just send me your base stats (type “info %B” into MUME).

Offensive Warriors

Str:19 Int:12 Wis: 7 Dex:14 Con:19 Wil:15 Per:10.  (Dwarf: 85% track; train down Per/Int; train up Dex)

Defensive Warriors

Str:18 Int:10 Wis: 9 Dex:16 Con:18 Wil:13 Per:12.  (Man: 85% track; train down Per/Int; train up Dex)


Str:13 Int:10 Wis: 9 Dex:18 Con:16 Wil:12 Per:18.  (Man: 110% track; train down Per; train up Con/Str)


Str: 9 Int:19 Wis:17 Dex:12 Con: 8 Wil:15 Per:16.  (Elf: train down Per/Wil; train up Con)


Str: 9 Int:18 Wis:19 Dex:11 Con:11 Wil:17 Per:10.  (Half-Elf: Credit: Schmidt)
Str:13 Int:17 Wis:19 Dex:10 Con:13 Wil:16 Per: 8.  (Half-Elf)
Str:13 Int:17 Wis:17 Dex: 7 Con:13 Wil:19 Per: 7.  (Dwarf: Credit: Filk)

Combo: Thief-mage

Str:11 Int:16 Wis:14 Dex:19 Con:12 Wil:11 Per:17.   (Elf: train down Per; train up Con/Str; Credit: Syd)

Combo: Battlemage

Str:17 Int:16 Wis:15 Dex:13 Con:13 Wil:13 Per:14.   (Man: Credit: Ridley)
Str:16 Int:17 Wis:14 Dex:13 Con:16 Wil:12 Per:12.   (Man: Credit: Zorvrem)

Warrior Orcs

Str:18 Int: 9 Wis: 6 Dex:14 Con:18 Wil:14 Per:16.  (Orc: 100% track; Credit: Rogon)

Pure Shaman

Str 13 Int:15 Wis:14 Dex:12 Con:14 Wil:14 Per:14. (Orc: Credit: Rogon)

Battle Shaman

Str:16 Int:14 Wis:15 Dex:10 Con:16 Wil:13 Per:12.  (Orc)


Str:23 Int: 8 Wis: 5 Dex:14 Con:21 Wil:12 Per:11.  (Troll: Credit: Trample)
Str:23 Int: 7 Wis: 5 Dex:14 Con:21 Wil: 9 Per:14.  (Troll: 85% track; train down Per; train up Str)

Black Numenoreans

Str: 9 Int:18 Wis:15 Dex:11 Con:12 Wil:15 Per:14.  (BN: YMMV)
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