General Information

It seems that all quests that give experience as part of the reward also have a quest 'trophy' as far as this experience gain is concerned. This means that if the quest is repeatable, you will be rewarded with slightly less experience each successive time you complete it.

Most quests in MUME are level-dependant, i.e. the higher level you are, the more complicated the quest is.

In most cases all you have to do is ask the mob about 'herblore' to get an herblore quest.

Hammer of Belegost Quest

Location: Thorin in the Blue Mountains; Moria.

Quest: Loot a string of bones from one of Moria smobs and bring them to the King Thorin.

Smobs that can load the string of bones are: Muranog, Hshkhlahk, Karcarak, Umuk, Shaghosh, Mezagor and maybe Bulag. String can only load if Hammer of Belegost is already loaded on the King Thorin, so it is advised to examine the King prior to checking the Moria smobs.

Note: The string of bones will not decay while you are in Moria, but once you leave do not waste time in going to the Blue Mountains as it will decay after some time. (is this confirmed? /Elestir)

With the string of bones, you will be allowed to descend to the deeper levels of dwarf homes where the King's throne is located even if you aren't a dwarf.

Reward: The Hammer of Belegost, Blue Mountains citizenship.

Nordri's Quest

Location: Upper level of the Blue Mountains, at Nordri the jeweller.

Quest: “Find and bring”. Ask Nordri about “herblore”, then he will yack for a while. When he says “blah blah price.” say “price” and then nod when Nordri asks if you agree. Listen to him, write down what he wants and go collect the items. Lowlevels can find required items/weapons/herbs around BM or even inside city - just ask some dwarf to check private dwarven shops inside. Legends can be asked for a crystal from Willow, topaz from Mormaeg, golden nugget or jade bracelet from Moria, or even shining piece!

Reward: soothing-draught herblore, 300 exp per your level for each item.

Trappers's Quest

Location: All n, all w, all n, e, n, w from Forlond gates

Quest: Trapper will offer his quest only if you sell him enough pelts or furs (if he's out of money, buy some pelts from him and sell back ;)), and if noble stag loaded. Then he will start talking about old times - just wait and nod when he asks you if you agree. After you are on the quest, go and kill the noble stag - e n w n w 2n 3w s are his 6 rooms. You are not forced to kill him yourself, you are even allowed to not have him on trophy - just ask some highbie friend to help you ;) Butcher corpse, bring antlers to trapper and give it to him. You can solve this quest max 2 times - second time you need to give (not sell!) him like 10+ furs/pelts (if you lose or hide ;) bow).

Reward: Yew longbow, quiver with 12 ash arrows.

Vig's Quest

Prerequisite: Dwarf only, newbie level.

Location: Bottom level of dwarven city, west of the stairs.

Quest: Vig the Smelter sometimes runs out of logs for his fire. When he does, he will ask people who come into his shop if they're willing to go out and get him some wood. Assuming that you agree to do so, you should go get an axe, and then go out into the Dense Forest just east of the Dwarf Homes (from “End of the Worn Trail”, s 3e). Wander around the Dense Forest, and eventually you will find a “majestic looking tree” (it will be clear, when you see it, that this is *the* tree, not just one of the innumerable trees in the forest). In case this tree is chopped already, or simply not popped - there are two other such trees, one s 2w 6s 4e 4s from the same place, and also somewhere n of river, like s 3e 2n 5e. Chop it down, get the wood, bring it back to Vig, and collect the reward money.

Just a small warning: the Dense Forest is a maze (i.e. if you go east from tree, then west, there's no guarantee that you'll wind up where you started). If you need to get out of it in a hurry, spam north/west and type 'exits' after each step - to see where the exit out to the trail is (works during theday only though). In this forest pop 3 huge black wolves, so it's kinda dangerous for low level characters.

Reward: 15 silver, ? exp

Aldereon's Quest

Location: Elven village north of the Road to the Grey Havens.

Quest: Aldereon will ask you to deliver letters (around 5 for a level 1 to more than 15 for a high legend) to his friends. The higher your level is, the farther away you will have to travel to meet the mobs. Best to do this quest at level one: Aldereon will ask you to visit only two mobs - the librarian and the priest in Forlond.

Other recipients for his letters are: Old wise hobbit (not far east from Aldereon, but you have to swim across a small lake), various guildmasters in most cities, and - main problem! - various hermits who live in the most noone-ever- goes-here places in Arda. Grey Havens hermit lives 1 zone west from Aldereon (some mudlled exits though), Shire hermit - some west and north from Michael Delving, Fornost one - 10s 3e d 2s from gates, road to Tharbad - from Bree s gate max s, e, max s, e until no exit s, then max e, open bush.

Reward: Walking herblore, 200 exp per level (up to level 25, then 5,000 exp for all legends) for each mail reply brought to Aldereon.

Note: If you lose a letter, just ask Aldereon 'lost letter'.

Elven Chief's Quest

Location: Elven village north of the Road to Grey Havens, west of Aldereon village.

Quest: Ask the chief of this village about 'wine'. He will tell you about his favourite wine, Old Winyard. If the quest is available, he will inform you that his last barrel of Old Winyard is gone. In this case, ask him about the 'barrel', and he will tell you the story of how it was stolen. There is a bandit hideout to the northeast where you can find 'A small ironbound barrel made of fine oak'. Bring it to the chief (thieves and bandits in the room will prevent you from taking it, so wait for them to leave, or kill them).

Reward: An exquisite wine glass full of wine, worth a couple of gold.

Lonely Giant's Quest

It's nice to know how to cook delicious bannocks for any player who doesn't have 'create food' spell. Bannocks will fill you for the whole day (same as lembas wafer), but it will cost almost nothing for you to make them. To gain bannock's recipe you must find the lonely giant and solve his quest.

Location: I know five places where giant repops in The Shire: one room N from Michael Delving fountain; E from Green Dragon in Hobbiton; N from marketplace in Dwaling; in Rushey; at “slight depression” (up from the fox hole). I heard also rumours that he pops at NW from Wittforrows and in Hills of Scary. If you can't find the giant - ask any mage to locate him ('locate life' spell). He doesn't always load.

Quest: One more “find and bring”. You must find a LOT of herbs and other things and bring them to him. He frequently asks for:

HONEYCOMB           EGG                 APPLE               SACK OF FLOUR
FOXGLOVE            FOXTAIL             TARRAGON            THYME
ROSEMARY            GOOSEGRASS          CLOVER              CLOVES
SAGE                ATHELAS             MARJORAM            FIGWORT

Try to find all these things, but if you can't find such rare herbs as foxtail, ginseng, and comfrey, don't worry. Maybe he won't ask you for it. Do not crush the plants: sometimes he asks for leaves/flowers, sometimes for plant itself.

When you find the giant, comfort him. Nod after he asks you if you want to help him, and he will start following you. Give him honeycomb, listen carefully what he wants and give him herbs. You have a very short time to solve his quest - 40-48 MUME hours, so all herbs must already be in your backpack - except things that are always available in GH herbalist shop (CINNAMON, CLOVES, VANILLA). You can run to GH with giant, but he can become moveless if you have nice link and spam fast - in such case leave him in some safe place (just flee from him), and return with herbs. After giving him all that he wants, ride him and he takes you to his house near Michel Delving and be happy listening to him.

Btw, this quest is as level-dependant as others - so if you find him at level 1-5, he will teach you how to cook bannocks just for the honeycomb! Legends can be asked for ginseng, comfrey and foxtail - each of these herbs load just in ONE place on Arda, so almost impossible to find them without knowing where they pop… And also small hint: all components for bannocks can be found either in/around elven village on the road to GH (eggs - in the hawk's nest), or in Bree - honey and flour in bakery, eggs in bazaar.

Reward: Baker herblore, 1000 exp for each herb.

Shire Citizenship Quest

Location: Michel Delving, secretary.

Quest: Only hobbits who prayed to Shire on creation can gain citizenship here for free. Others must kill great wolf from Shire wolfpack and bring his fur to secretary in order to receive citizenship. Wolfpack repops each winter in Dwaling in Shire, once per winter. Usually it consists of 4 pack leaders (great black wolves) and 18 grey/black/huge black/starving ones. Each who needs citizenship needs his own silvery fur and also needs to have great black wolf in trophy. Great wolves are strong enough - I even have seen legends die to them. Though, mage with stored quakes or cleric with buffer and good fear can do wolfpack easily.

Reward: Shire citizenship, 2 gold.

Shopkeeper's Quest

Location: Hobbiton, 2 east and 1 south from central.

Quest: Shopkeeper will ask you to find his daughter as soon as you enter his shop - if your level is appropriate, and if no one did his quest just before you. The daughter is usually located somewhere in Shire. Five locations are known:

  • From “A Spring” in hills of Scary: 2e, open branches, s, 4e, n, w
  • From Brandywine Bridge: 7w, 6n, 5e, open exit e, e
  • some down from MD FIXME: Exact location
  • From Brandywine Bridge: e, 2s, 2e
  • From Tuckborough Market Square: d, w, 2n, open exit d, d

Just enter her room and she will start following you. Lead her to her father to collect the reward.

Reward: Forest green cloak, 1000 exp, 1 gold.

Bree Citizenship Quest

Prerequisite: Level 1-unknown (lowbie)

Location: Bree, in the mayor's office.

Quest: If you say 'citizen' in the mayor's office, the secretary will give you 'a wrinkly map'. The map leads to a treasure that will at the very least cover the cost of the citizenship. It is possible that you need to have less money than the cost of your citizenship to receive the map. If so, drop money, ask for citizenship and recover your money. The map will roughly tell where the treasure is hidden. A text will disclose a location near the treasure, for instance near the Road to Fornost or some of the villages in the Shire. The exact room location is marked by a red 'X' on a 6×6 room map. Look for roads, forests, houses, water and the like and compare with the room types given by a mapper. In the marked room, type 'search' and a message saying that the map is used to search for hidden treasures will appear. A random amount close to 3 gold and a random piece of equipment will be discovered. Items received so far includes a longbow and forest green cloak.

Reward: About 3 gold, random piece of eq.

Bree Weaponsmith's Quest

Prerequisite: Level 4-9

Location: Bree, in the weaponsmith's shop.

Quest: You will be asked to find and return a “valuable” rusted dagger - just enter the shop at the proper level. This dagger is held by the chief of the ruffians, Scarred, under the bark in the forest some north of Bree (see Maps for more exact info). Kill him (or just ask some friend to kill him) and bring the dagger to the smith. You can not start quest after level 9, but if you did it before and leveled since that, smith still gives the reward if you bring him the dagger. Or, if you bring dagger to smith without being on quest (if you do this quest second time and/or after level 9), smith gives you as a reward the whetstone and gold only.

Reward: Whetstone, 2 gold, 2000 exp.

Tharbad Thief Guildmaster's Quest

Location: From the barkeeper in the Thirsty Ranger's Inn, open grate and go up, west.

Quest: The old man (one of the thief guildmasters) will ask you to find a key for him. The key is hidden: From where the coach arrives in Tharbad, go all south, two east, open crack, north, reveal key. The old man will have told you that this key was for a warehouse on the southern bank of the river, inside the city; he says that he doesn't want to be bothered with this any more, and that if you find the key, you should use it.


Amanrandil's Quest

Location: Amanrandil, in the temple east of the ruined causeway east of Tharbad.

Quest: This quest will trigger when a player enters Amanrandil's room - usually when Amanrandil is waiting in the cubicle between speeches. He will give a speech about how he sent a follower on an errand, and the follower never returned. Amanrandil will be happy when you find the diary of his follower and deliver it back to him.

Diary loads either in the belt pouch worn by Wyrdda, somewhere in Wulfston (Broggha's village) (on the animist, or on the twisted beast, maybe more), in the pouch worn by the orkish chieftain in Dunland or the pouch worn by his shaman and possibly more. Kill the village loot the key from the animist, and enter the caves below to find the beast.

Reward: Sacred cloak, ceremonial dagger.


Location: Eregion, south from the Hollin Road at the ruined gate of Ost-in-Edhil.

Quest: Both darkies and whities can solve this quest, thus I will write solutions for both sides. Whities get the quest from Elrond (must be at least hero level to be able and actually get the key from Elrond - you also need to be “sent on arda” align, if not he will talk about the quest but will not offer you the option to help him), darkies from the BN sage: ask them about 'Ost-in-Edhil' (not case-sensitive).

You can ask them in any language, but Elrond doesn't understand Westron well, as well as Sage doesn't speak Orkish. So, if you speak Sindarin/Morbeth well, ask in these languages. They will start to talk if no one is solving this quest at the same time (if they don't it means someone is solving it already, just wait a bit), and then they will give you a key. Then go to the castle in Ost-in-Edhil and find the tower in the center of it. Beware: there are tons of different dts in the area - eastern part of zone is 6 instant dts; near are 3 times ones (slowly drag you to the east - and there instant dts kill you); vines trap you and slowly kill (considered dtdeath though) - but you can kill vines of course, like hero level needed; n and e from the mother eagle on the top of tower are dts too (noflee, as usual).

At the bottom of tower there is door which can be opened with amethyst: type 'put amethyst inset'. To get it back later, indeed, 'get amethyst inset'. Wait till door opens and proceed n. You can get gem back (as both close and open are delayed), but then you will be trapped inside - so be sure that you know how to do monsters/get away via underwater. Here starts a noport area. In the center of this hidden square is one more instant dt. Somewhere in this area loads hidden main quest item - Book of Kormanole (loads beyond the doors to the ne and nw). There are 2 excavators in this area, and they will ask you to give them book: don't - they are minions of Saruman. If you give them book, they will reward you with whole 2 gold, give you 'treasure map' leading to dt, and disappear (no way to track, kill and get book back). Kill them instead, they load Cardolan+russet+aged flask (useless, but can be sold). They shoot/flee after attacked, so just stay in room after they flee, and spam search q/nuke. Then the quest divides into two parts: either bring the book and the key to Elrond, Sage, or Saruman and get your reward (from Elrond - silver-leaf brooch and chance for a miruvor; from sage - around 20 gold; from saruman - see RohanNews page), or claim the book and forge a ring.

You will need 35% Quenya in order to read the book. If it says, “You cannot decipher the flowing letters!” you need more skill in Quenya.

If you decide to forge, in the northern part of the square is the entrance to the underground part. There live several bats and 4 scaled guardians. These mobs instafollow, call eachother, instahit, choose random targets and can instaheal themselves for like 1/3 hps. So: at least 1 buffer and 1 nuker need to kill them. Guardians can't follow further north than 2s from entrance, and also to Gem/Gless/etc -works (max w and max e rooms), so rest there after each one is killed. First buffer enters, guardians hit him, then casters enter, nuke one dead (should be for the first 3) and leave n, then only buffer flees. Have swim off while doing guardians, otherwise you can flee into water (central room); 2n from it is instant dt, and as one who flees from guardians will spam n to reach safe room, it can ends in dt here. Though, if someone dies here, corpse will be recoverable: current will drag it southwards, away from dt. Before you fight, unfollow everyone in case you flee. You don't want to meet up after flee and lead each other onto the collapsing bridges. If you kill first, go 2e one by one - otherwise bridge will collapse under your feet, throwing you into current below. Kill second guardian (now safe room ne from it), get full, then someone must lure guardians from the central room (if you kill first, you can avoid having to lure)- nuke them dead too. Then find golden band (in each room in this area - random too), it is sometimes hidden, sometimes just lies on the ground.

The level is symmetrical here:

  ! is where you enter
  = is collapsing bridge
  S are safe rooms
  * are Coruscate Hall
  + are rooms with a single guardian
  @ has 2 guardians and the dt to north.

Central room is start of noboat current. 2n from this room is dt; some s/d (follow current) - underwater room where in the skeleton loads hammer which helps to fix your armour (even fine/shining!) as whetstone fixes weapons. All swim on. One (not leader) must wear harness (on chain in room 1w from central). He must enter central room and open silverpanel. It is delayed door in room with current, but harness will keep him there while he opens door. When door is open, remove harness, narrate for others to come, and quickly go d. Wait till water goes away and metaldoor opens, then go 2w to noldor statues. Btw, you cant remove harness while fighting, and cant flee either - so dont wear it while mobs alive, and try not be caught by opposite side players ;)

You can not forge a ring of your own choice. Only rings read from the book can be forged; which one exactly is written in the book. Ring must be forged from the band and some gem. There are five types of jewelled rings. Book can give you a hint - which ring can be created on current repop: it's colour of gem. Red glow goes for ruby, maroon for garnet, hard and rare blue for topaz, fiery blue for opal and deep green for emerald. These rings are considered powerrings, and can not be worn at the same time as old powerrings (ruby/iron/ copper). Btw, don't be scared by Elrond's/Sage's words that reading book can be harmful ;) Still no one died while reading it.

To forge ring rest full, and try pass statues. The higher your will, the higher chance you have (no alignment involved though). If you fail - just rest full and try again (more chance to pass with full stats). Noldor can pass statues without any problems; Unqalome bracelets can help non-noldor to pass, rumours that Elrond's brooch does the same are groundless. If you are neither Noldo, nor know Unqa zone to get bracelet, get dispeller here: statues are not alive (not mobs but items, in MUME terms), they don't block entrance themselves - their magic does. With no dispeller, just try to walk in (sometimes takes hour rl or more). Once you are in, wield band, hold gem (or vise versa) and 'forge ring'.

Forging a ring is a delayed action. If you are interrupted while doing it, or you interrupt it yourself, the ring and the gem disintegrate. If you have a wound that bleeds on a tick, it will interrupt forging also. Thus make sure you don't have ANY kinds of wounds (it is rare, but has happens that unbound light wound becomes deep). In that place, it just doesn't pay to be spammy.

Once you leave zone all mobs repop straight away. Its nice xp to go round in circles ;)

Some more notes: Only the person who read the book can forge. The knowledge decays so you can only do it for a limited (random) period of time after. Don't know how long exactly but sometimes 2 rl days is too long, and sometimes rl week is ok…

To use cross-pein hammer you must make a camp fire, hold hammer, remove armour then 'use hammer <armour>'. It seems you can mend most things to 'brand new' but thick/heavy metal and ring/chain mail can only be repaired to 'used'.

There is complete list of “gem - effect”.

  • red ruby - manaregen +4, affects you by 'lethargy' when you remove it (slows manaregen and -10 attack spell)
  • topaz - str spell (can be up to +3) once per day, affects you by 'tiredness' when you remove it (1.5x slower moveregen for 4 ticks)
  • garnet - cure critic 3x per day, affects you by 'hagardness' when you remove it (-5 ob)
  • opal - scouting ring (allows you search adjacent rooms for enemies, blinds you at beginnings of next 6 ticks when you remove it); to use it - 'use opal-ring <dir>'
  • emerald - remove poison, affects you by 1-2 random poisons when you remove it (unless you save - thus orcs can get no poison at all). Also seems to have a better chance of saving the longer you wear it.

Reward: Brooch (and miruvor) from Elrond, gold from Sage, or jewelled ring.

Does necklace s e of Tharbad load in any room or just underwater? And do I have to reveal it or does it lie on the ground?-Titanius

Beechbone's Horn Quest

Location: Fangorn, at Beechbone the Ent, along the eastern border of the north end of the forest.

Quest: Ask Beechbone about a quest (after comforting him). He will speak for a bit, then ask for your name. Once you give it to him, he talks for quite some time (in Entish). The idea is you get to his house and pick up a bowl. He explains how to do this. From Beechbone, go: all south, 7w, s, open stranglingbirch, 2s, “lever jar”, d, reveal bowl. You will need a tree branch to lever the jar - these branches load on the ground around Fangorn. A staff will also work in the place of a tree-branch. Return the bowl to him.

You will need to fully be given the quest by Beechbone for him to reward you. This means that unless you wait through his entire speech, tell him your name at the beginning, and nod when he asks you if you're willing to help, he will not give you the horn after you give him the bowl.

Reward: A root-freeing horn, which has random 1 to 3+ uses before it crumbles. This horn burns easily, so keep it in your inventory or in a fire-proof container if you're going to mess with the Bloodwight, Dragon, or the dragon columns in Moria (anything which spews fire, basically).

Darkened Orkish Axe Quest

Location: Fangorn, 2n 2e from Leaflock the Ent.

Quest: Find the beech tree with this axe in his back. It mutters about an axe in his back:

An imposing beech tree starts murmuring in a low tone.

An imposing beech tree says 'Hoom, I am glad to see you here!'

An imposing beech tree says 'I have a problem, and perhaps you can help me.'

An imposing beech tree says 'Something has stuck in my back and I cannot reach it.'

An imposing beech tree says 'It hurts when I move and I cannot seem to'

An imposing beech tree says 'get rid of it. Curse the b°rarum and their axes!'

An imposing beech tree says 'Had they not been that many, I would have seen'

An imposing beech tree says 'the one sneaking up from behind.'

An imposing beech tree says 'Please take it out and throw it away.'

An imposing beech tree turns around and exposes his back.

*f CW>remove axe tree
You'll need both hands free to do that!

*f CW>rem dagger
You stop using a black runed dagger.

*f CW>rem staff
You stop using a bejewelled oak staff.

*f CW>remove axe tree
You place both your hands on an imposing beech tree's trunk, trying to pull a darkened orkish axe out.

You successfully manage to bend the axe loose, leaving a large open wound.

You remove a darkened orkish axe from the back of an imposing beech tree.

An imposing beech tree grabs a darkened orkish axe and breaks it with a loud SNAP.

An imposing beech tree says 'Hoom, thank you, friend!'

Reward: 2,000 exp. When you remove the axe, the tree destroys it.

Haldin the Marshal's Quest

Prerequisites: White-side only.

Location: The Eyot in the Isen, south of Isengard, where Haldin the Marshal is.

Quest: Haldin will start speaking, seemingly at random. He says that Broghha, who lives in Wulfston, west of the Isen, has been giving him trouble. He asks that you kill him, and bring him Broghha's spear as proof of the deed. Kill Broghha, bring Haldin the steel-tipped spear.

Reward: Haldin gives you the horse of the Rohirrim that he is riding.

Jeraton the Woodcutter's Quest

Location: North of Fangorn, in the village near the western border of the zones.

Quest: Jeraton lives in a small village north of Fangorn, he needs a new woodsman's axe to continue his living. So just bring a (new), (fresh) or (seasoned) woodsman's axe.

Note: Woodsman's axe loads all east in some hole down in Lorien on the ground, or some foresters in Dunland load them too. But you need to check its state.

Reward: a stout walking stick (movement cost -4).

Leaf-cake Quest

Location: Rohan just south of Fangorn Forest, and also inside the forest.

Quest: Find the traveller's diary which load in a skeleton in an abandoned farm some south of Fangorn. Then go to the place where three fungi block the way east in Fangorn. Kill those fungi and go east. At this place some sad tree is there. Ask the tree a couple of times about orcs and fire and it will wake up and request you to give the diary.

Reward: Leaf-cake lore; leaf-cakes cure the flu.

Treebeard's Entwives Quest

Location: Fangorn; the full quest can cover Rohan, Weathertop, the Shire, and the Old Forest.

Quest: Ask Treebeard about entwives, then go to Leaflock and ask him about it too, repeat this for Rengold and the Dunadan ranger. Leaflock is 2w 2s from the darkened orkish axe tree: “An enormous tree, overgrown with moss, is here.” is his description. Rengold is just southeast from the Isenford, and the Dunadan ranger is the one behind the culvert, near Weathertop (same one that gives the travelling herblore quest).

You will finally find out you are looking for a hobbit named Harle. He can be found either in the Bywater Inn, in the Green Dragon, or in the Floating Log in Frogmorton (generally speaking, at a pub in the Shire). His description is: “An aloof hobbit is here, babbling wide-eyed about his adventures.” and his name will change from an aloof hobbit to Harle after you agree to lead him on his quest. Ask him about entwives, he will talk, then ask if you're willing to go with him. If you agree, he will follow you; bring him to Tom Bombadil, then once he's finished there, take him to Treebeard.

There is some debate as to whether Harle pops randomly or whether he pops after you ask the Dunadan ranger about the entwives. Either way, Harle's quest has a reset time, which seems fairly long; an easy way to see if the quest can pop or not is simply to ask Treebeard about entwives. If he starts his tale and directs you to Leaflock, you're good; if he says he recently got information about the entwives and it's too soon to tell, then you need to wait.

Note: Harle doesn't like portals, can't be summoned and doesn't ride. So a good bobber is quite handy. Harle also assists you if you run into aggro mobs. He has no wimpy so if you have no rescue you are a bit screwed! Looting the braid from his corpse and giving that to Treebeard does not work.

Harle is blindable (so he doesn't assist) - Majesty (he can no longer be charmed - 9 Nov 13)

Reward: +1 con (couple of RL weeks, probably depending on playtime), or until your character dies.

Treebeard's Forest Quest

Location: Fangorn, at Treebeard and in the northeastern corner of the forest.

Quest: Ask Treebeard about poison or trees. Treebeard will be sad about something poisoning the trees. At twisted roots you can't go down because roots block the way. The solution is to get a small pouch (stun pouch) from the Master Assassin in Tharbad. Use this pouch at the twisted roots in the north eastern part of the forest. Another way is to remove poison on them like 30 times; the message you get is: “As you finish your incantations, a thick clump of intertwined roots writhes in agony and slowly wither into nothingness.”

Note: As of 11.2007, these roots seem to be able to see through shroud. Suggestion for how to do it now: get a warrior (or really any class), have them remove their weapon, and let them buff while the caster spams remove poison on the roots.

You can go down of them now, and kill a monsterous spider. This spider hits hard and very hard to stab, but it is blindable. Butcher its corpse and bring the chelicera to Treebeard.

You have a limited time to get the chelicera back to Treebeard after triggering his quest. If in doubt, get the chelicera, then go to Treebeard and trigger the quest before giving it to him.

Black Numenoreans get no response from Treebeard when trying to trigger the quest. Can they still get this reward somehow?

Note: Don't kill roots, as they will block the exit when they die. Don't fight spider down of roots, if you flee up you can't reenter. However, this is only if you use stun pouch - using the other method mentioned above will allow to access to leave and go in as much as you want. The spider does not hunt into the room with the roots; it stays underground. The intertwined roots do not see through shroud either - although they will still block you down. If you plan on using remp, and are the only with it there, have at least min mana remp, and be prepared to cast it a lot. They regen against it fairly fast against remp from what I've noticed.

Reward: +1.xx wil for some weeks (depending on playtime), or until your character dies. It seems the reward is more than +1 and less than +2 wil, and may or may not be dependent upon your character's wil before receiving the reward.

For orcs give the Fang to the scout gm in noc to make a dagger with very strong venom like poison attachted to it.

Anarwen's Quest

Location: A short ways north from Caras Galadhon.

Quest: Find Anarwen the priestess resting northeast in the zone in the garden.

Examine tree to see if the quest loads, if it says “The mallorn-trees seem to be afflicted by some disease” then the quest loads, if it says, “The twin mellyrn stand proudly on the sides of the entrance to the arbour” then no quest. It is also possible to examine “flowers” to see if they are fading or not.

(Walking in and out sometimes helps to trigger the quest.) She will talk to you and if you agree some exit down opens (no echo). Kill the cloud of mist 2 down, and Anarwen will be happy.

Reward: 3 gold, Ginseng root, 1-3 athelas leaves, ? exp.

No xps for completing the quest, but about 10k for killing the mob (cloud of mist)-Titanius

Dagnir's Ghost's Quest

Location: Lothlorien, 3n 1-2e from the marshes at the southern border of the zones.

Quest: Ghost is visible at night only. When you approach him, he starts talking. Nod when he asks if you want to listen him, and listen. After he finishes, go to marshes and let the mud suck you into a small cave (message looks like a bog timed dt - but it isn't dt).

There in the cave live 4 mottled snakes and 2 subterranean lizards. The lizards have decent OB and awareness, but sucky defence - just take them one-by- one. In random room of caves lies a skeleton - loot it. To get out you need to kill both lizards and drag their corpses to the central room - you can only climb up stepping on the lizard corpses (mottled corpses don't fit).

Walk back to ghost and give him medallion from skeleton. Listen to him until his trapped soul goes free, then try to pick up the medallion. It will crumble and reveal a jade-encrusted key. Go east, open hatch, down, unlock/open archeddoor, 2 south, open curtain, west and loot eket, amethyst and softly glowing green cup. When you drink cup, you are affected by +10 maxmana, maybe it increases regen too (for like one MUME day).

Reward: 6,000 experience, a double-edged eket, an amethyst, a softly glowing green cup.

Elven Letter Quest

Location: New Lorien zones, east of the Anduin, north of Rikurr's shelter.

Quest: Some northwest of Rikurr's shelter is a chasm with a tentacled beast in it. This beast guards a skeleton in which an elven letter loads. If you read the letter, it says something about a key that is broken, and some treasure.

This key, a dented metal leaf, loads in a skeleton guarded by a rattlesnake a short ways northwest of the chasm with the tentacled beast. Look for a room named “Dense Brush.”

(Snoringfoot: This is easy to find, just go up from the room where the beast is killed, then go N W S then W a few times, and you'll be there. Open rockpile, then kill all of the snakes in the room below. After this, open collapse, which is E from beneath the rockpile, then kill the rattlesnake. This is the only one that needs to be killed to get access to the skeleton. The exit W closes sometimes automatically, so just open rubble when this happens to keep the entrance open in case you need to get in and out repeatedly.)

South of this area is a waterfall; you can swim east under the waterfall into a hidden underground lake. Here, you will find a wall with a depression for a leaf. If you try to put the dented leaf into the depression, however, you will see:

You try to push the leaf into the carved tree, but it does not fit and falls out of the depression.

Tarim the Hermit, in the forest maze near here, gives some hints about what to do with the leaf:

Someone says 'A piece of scrap metal? No, no, seems like an old item of art, am I correct?'
You have revealed Tarim the Hermit!
Tarim the Hermit points at your leaf of metal.
!f c HP:Fine Mana:Warm>give leaf tarim
Tarim the Hermit glances at the leaf.
Tarim the Hermit leaves his hiding place.
Tarim the Hermit gives you a dented, dull leaf of metal.
Tarim the Hermit says 'Well, that looks interesting. It is of elven make, am I correct?'
Tarim the Hermit says 'But it seems somewhat damaged, yes, it is dented and pale.'
Tarim the Hermit thinks for a while.
Tarim the Hermit says 'I do not know. Maybe the elves can tell you more. Some of them live in the enchanted forests to the'
Tarim the Hermit says 'west, on the other side of the Anduin.'
Tarim the Hermit says 'But beware, they may not be so friendly as to let you in.'
Tarim the Hermit turns west, yet it is only a few yards until his gaze is blocked by thick bushes.
Tarim the Hermit says 'I myself go there from time to time to take a look at the magnificent golden trees. But I do not'
Tarim the Hermit says 'dare to go near them.'
Tarim the Hermit shrugs and turns away.
Tarim the Hermit says 'On the other hand, it may just be an old piece of scrap metal.'

(Snoringfoot: To easily find the waterfall, just circle around the elven tower SW of the zone. There will be a room named Dense Thicket or something like (There are some roots in the room directly W from this, then go N untill you find the waterfall.), )

Take the letter and the leaf to Ecthelion, the smith in Lorien. Give the leaf to him, he will examine it, then ask for anything that might give a clue about what it is. Give him the letter, and he will repair the leaf. (It would seem you only need to do this once, after that Ecthelion remembers that you have given him the letter and you can get by with just giving him the leaf).

Now the leaf will fit. Back at the underground lake past the waterfall, as mentioned previously, “put leaf depression” and the wall to the south will open, giving you access to a room with a chest. In this chest loads a small elven bag.

(Snoringfoot: The room directly E from the waterfall entrance is not the one you want, you must still go E once again to be in the right room to enter the leaf.)

Note: When you leave this room the wall closes, and you cannot open it except by doing the entire quest over. So make sure you loot the chest before you leave.

Caution: As of this writing, it is possible to enter the area under the waterfall with a boat and no swim practiced. However, it is impossible to leave that area without swim practiced, as you need swim, not a boat, to enter an underwater room. This has been reported and should be fixed soon, hopefully.

(Snoringfoot: I don't believe that this is a bug. Just take a boat to be on the safe side when you go E from the waterfall, then go E again. Both of these rooms are above water, so a boat will work fine for each, as with a lake or any other body of water. Taking a boat will save moves at this point. When you leave, make sure your moves are full, then go W. The first room over will still be usable by the boat. Make sure that swim is on, then keep going W for two rooms. By this time you will be stuck underwater, with no way back the way you came in, and with no boat. So from here, spam S W S W until you are out side again, then go W or E to get out of the river before running out of moves.)

(Millie: Do not bring charmies into the waterfall! You will not be able to get them back out again! Tried giving them boats, but as the exit is underwater they cannot follow you.)

Reward: A small elven bag (decays) - this is a bag of endless water and lembas wafers and (decaying) ropes and fishing rods and hunting knives. (You can examine to bag to know what's possible to get out of it)

Offa the Scout's Quest

Location: The zones east of Caras Galadhon, west of the river Anduin.

Quest: Find Offa the Scout, who sneaks around near the western edge of the river Anduin. He will say something about how his camp was attacked, and his friends slain, and that he wants his cloak back. Here the quest divides.

If you're evil, you can track down Coubhel the elven wanderer in this same area, kill him, and take his cloak back to Offa.

If you're good, kill Offa, and loot his key. Find a muddy sinkhole on the western border of the river Anduin; down from there (deadplants) is the chest the key goes to, and a tarantula that prevents you from looting it. Kill the tarantula, and loot the chest. In the chest can be a ring that casts bless when used, but has a limited number of charges, and decays once empty. You can take this ring to the ghost of Enidale, in a tomb all east of the Anduin, near the ruins in the northeast corner of the zone; he may reward you with a black metal wristband, but it's a semi-artifact, so if all are already in the game, he just gives you 5 gold.

Note: The black metal wristband is not worn by Enidale if it is loading. This does two things: prevents you from simply killing Enidale to get the wristband, and prevents you from being able to easily check whether or not all wristbands are currently in the game.

Note: It may not be possible to simply hoard quartzite rings and try for wristbands whenever you want. I had a quartzite ring that was a week or so old (had been used once), and another loaded for me; Enidale would only accept the new one. -Belamir

Hint: Disregard my hint about Offa not entering forest rooms, this seems to have been changed.

Reward: A golden quartzite ring (bless when used, self only, limited charges), or a black metal wristband (+2 OB while worn), or 5 gold. If you do the evil version of the quest, you get a grey fluid sack.

Extension: Bring the ring to a shadow in a tomb on the other side of the river. This can give you a blackened wristband or something like that which fiddles with you ob/pb/db bonusses.

Ropemaker's Quest

Location: Lorien at the ropemaker.

Quest: Ask the ropemaker about 'hithlain'. He will talk for a while, then direct you to Cirel the elven navigator (southeast of Caras Galadhon, north of the river). Find a misty plant, which loads in various places by rivers in Lorien and the Anduin Vale, and bring it to Cirel. He will give you a fine elven rope; this rope can be retrieved from the bottom of slopes, but it may only work for whomever did the quest to obtain it.

Note: It is rumoured that if you give the ropemaker the misty plant, he will reward you with a rope only if the plant has “grown big enough.”

Giving the plant to Cirel also works to earn the fine rope, sometimes he only gives 2 golds as a reward though (still more than herbalist).

Reward: Fine elven rope.

White Stag Quest

Location: Lorien in the general area of Caras Galadhon.

Quest: Find the White Stag in the forest, and start chasing after him as he runs. After a (long) while of chasing him, he will thank you for the chase, lead you to a reward, and disappear.

Note that he moves via mudlle, so you cannot just 'follow' him. His movement is always one of two possibilities: First he will go one room in the direction it says he ran, then he will go either one extra room in that same direction, or one room in either perpendicular direction. (For instance: If it says he vanishes in the forest to the east, you will either find him 2e, or e n, or e s.)

Reward: 4,000 experience, forest green cloak, large wooden wall shield, an amethyst, an elven shortbow.

Witch King Quest (to be verified)

Location: Lorien, the mirror of Galadriel

Quest: Find Galadriel, have a group of legends ready at the mirror. Ask Galadriel mirror, when she finally asks you to follow you need to follow.

After you follow and some talk you arrive in the Witch King zone. This zone is a parallel world, you start without equipment, and you don't loose exp when you 'die' here. At the starting point of this zone some equipment is on the ground, so distribute it among your group members.

The zone itself is mudlled in same way village near Ingrove which can be burned (via “burn village” command), here the fire is initiated automatically and cannot be stopped. Eventually whole place will burn as fire spreads, so you only have limited time to defeat the Witch King. Sleeping in any room periodically causes a pop (with random delay and possibly repetitive) of an aggressive mobile and puts you to magic sleep, so you can't wake unless attacked. After you attack Witch King, resting also causes pop of aggressive mobiles.

There are many identical patrols and one medium smob on the way to final smob. Kill them all, loot some eq from them, and some scrolls from a chest.

The final smob is the Witch King, who is basically a summoning version of an ebon wraith. Best strategy is to blind him and eliminate all the enemies he summons. Once he stops summoning, just get him to low wounded to win.

Reward: Experience for the dead mobs, (even if you fail to kill the Witch King)
Everyone in group gets one of:
elven longbow (faster/lighter version of embellished with bit less damage)
golden belt (+1 db, +2 moveregen)
Some box (advance growth on shrubs)
finely woven hood (+3 db)
finely woven cloak (+6 db +5 moveregen)
mallorn brooch (useless)

Group needed: This quest is only given to groups of legends. Group size which can finish it easily: 2 50+ clerics and 2-3 50+ warriors. Maximum size of group seems to be 7 and it is good idea to bring in as much as possible (more ppl ⇒ more reward items). Actual requirements might depend on group size though. At least if you enter with 7, you must defeat the Witch King. Else you end up with mallorn brooch which is guaranteed as minimum reward.

Blackened Spear Quest

Location: Angdil for white-side, Grachalg for dark-side; this quest can include Moria and the Anduin Vale.

Quest: To create a blackened spear you need 3 components: a spearhead, a black staff from Nagash (southwest corner of the Anduin Vale) and a mithril piece from Moria. The spearhead loads in the Anduin Vale area: from the Old Ford (west of Ingrove) e n open cassion d open mossboard d e 2n w reveal skeleton - and it pops inside skeleton (quite rarely though). If it's not popped - check goblin corpse near water serpents - even more rarely it pops there. Then bring it to Angdil as whitie, or to Grachalg as darkie, keep all 3 pieces in inventory and type “mend spearhead”.

Reward: A blackened spear.

Brolg's Standard Quest

Location: Erestor, in the library in Rivendell, or Mrak the orkish shaman south of Brolg's tower.

Quest: Kill Brolg, loot his tarnished silver key (in pouch) and standard. Go to Rivendell and give the standard to Erestor. He will tell you about a tomb on ABR that he fears has become corrupted. This tomb is located 6 south from the ford in the river that runs past Brolg's tower (the ford is east of the tower - room name: “A Shallow and Marshy Part of the River”).

Open tombstone, and the tomb (which is only one room) is down. Be cautioned, however: the exit into and out of this tomb is mudlled. When Erestor is giving you the quest, he will mention that there are three things that are important for entering the tomb - knowledge of the quest (as in, you got the quest from Erestor by giving him the standard), a high willpower, and bless. Make sure you have these 3 things when you attempt to enter (or exit!) the tomb, since they will help you pass the mudlle. If you fail, it will return you to the room you started in (either inside or outside of the tomb, depending where you were). This means that if you flee from the mobs in the tomb, and fail to pass the mudlle, you will be returned to the room with those same mobs! (Note that if you are doing this with a group, it is sufficient for the leader to have gotten the quest from Erestor. You don't need to get a different standard for each person in the group.)

In the tomb are several mobs: a guardian stone beast, two stone statues, a sancted spirit, and two dark wraiths. Kill them all, use Brolg's tarnished silver key to unlock the chest in the room, and loot it.

Note: For orcs, Mrak loading south of Brolg takes over the role of Erestor.

Reward: Silvery crown, gem-inlaid knife, metal wall shield, full regular metal set.

Elven Scout Camp Quest

Location: From the ford in the river near Brolg's tower (A Shallow and Marshy Part of the River is the room name; it is east of Brolg), go 3 south, 2 east, south, call, down.

Level requirement:

Quest: If one of the scouts smiles at you when you enter the camp, you have triggered the quest. Listen to him as he begins talking. First he will ask you if you are heading to Rivendell - nod or say yes. Next, he will ask you if you are willing to deliver a letter to Elrond. Again, nod or say yes. He will give you the letter. If you do not have a mount, he will ask you if you want a fresh horse - if you nod or say yes, he will bring you a trained horse. Take the letter to Elrond, who will give you 2 to 5 gold and possibly a flask of miruvor.

As a sidenote, you will still get the same reward from Elrond for the letter if you got it off the corpse of one of the elven scouts, without them having officially given you the quest. (So if you find the elven camp dead, but letter unlooted, you can still take it to Elrond).

For orcs: kill the scouts, loot the letter and give it to the Great Goblin, he will reward you with experience, coins?, and rarely an orkish draught.

Reward: 2 to 5 gold, a trained horse, a flask of miruvor (rare).

Hag's Quest

Prerequisite: White-side only, newbie level.

Location: Vale of Anduin.

Quest: old Hag (herbalist shop) asks every newbie around to bring her powder of black antlers (if deer corpse loaded and quest isn't solved by someone else). Go from outside of Beorn's home: s 2e n e s open thickstems w - there loads deer corpse with antlers in it. With antlers in inventory approach baker in Honburg - he asks you for honey from beekeeper, go to him and 'ask beekeeper honey'. He asks you to kill queen bee, it lives nearby. Kill it (can be hard for newbie), bring it's corpse to beekeeper and give him corpse. Now he says he

sends some honey to baker. Return to baker, listen to him, and THEN ONLY give him antlers. Bring blackened burned powder to Hag and receive a skin with 'love potion'.

Reward: 3000 exp and love potion - not very useful (if at all), but still pretty funny!

Honburg Mill

Location: Vale of Anduin, Shire

Level: White-side only, low level. 14 is highest that has been successfully tested so far.

Quest: Go to Freuf, the baker, in Honburg (just west of the mill). Ask him about “hobbit”. He will tell you that the mill east of Honburg has been broken for some time, and that he wants it fixed.

Go to mill and go nw about three rooms to soakedfeet. Pick the door down (60% pick needed) and go down all e. East of you is hidden door (backwall) pick this open and go east and pick up the broken cogwheel. Rattler in this room too so be careful if you are lowlev.

Now you need to get this cog mended. In the room ws of the cog is a note from Rob Sandyman saying his family are leaving the mill and going west, so follow in his footsteps and go visit his brother Ted who runs the mill in the Shire. (Ted's mill is just north of threefarthings stone)

When you enter (don't be shrouded) Ted will frown and look at the cogwheel. Give him the cog and then leave the room. Return and Ted will ignore you and pretend he never offered to help you. “ask ted cogwheel” and he'll demand you go and pay his bar bill at the Green Dragon inn. Go wsesesw and enter the Green Dragon. “ask barman pay bill” and he will take 5 gold from you. Return to Ted and he'll grudgingly give you the mended cog. Now run all the way back to the mill.

In the wheel room (1 down in the mill) “insert cog mechanism”. Now you see that the shaft turns a bit but the waterflow to the water wheel is blocked. Run to inwood and buy a shovel from the armoury and get a flask of oil while you are there. Return to the mill and go to the wheel room. Wield the shovel and “clean waterway”. Now the channel is clear but still no water is flowing so go to the source of the problem, the calm reservior 1w 1n of the mill. Here it looks like the boulders are the problem but they are just a red herring, “exa pool” and you will see a load of gravel is blocking the flow. “dig gravel” and you will clear it out. Now return to the mill and you will see the water wheel is turning but still the shaft is stuck.

“exa shaft” and you see that it's rusty and jammed. To fix it you need three people. Person one has to stand in the top room and when ready “push grindstone”. Person two goes to the wheel room and does “turn shaft”. Both of these commands must be done roughly the same time so I suggest that person three stands in the top room and yells 3, 2, 1, go. When both 1 and 2 are pushing/turning the rust will begin to flake off the shaft. While they are still pushing and turning person three, standing in the top room, must “pour oil hole”; this will grease the shaft and the grindstone will turn freely now.

Go back to Freuf the baker, and upon entering his room, he will thank you for repairing the mill, and give you a letter to take to Loryen in Ingrove, where you will receive citizenship.

Reward: Ingrove citizenship.

Ingrove Citizenship Quest

Location: Vale of Anduin, specifically the Beorning village northwest from Ingrove

Quest: Every full moon during winter, a huge pack of orcs and wargs loads at the Wolf Glade southeast of NOC, and marches to the Beorning village near Ingrove. It bashes the exits into the village, kills all the mobs there, and then returns to the Wolf Glade and disappears.

The pack loads each full moon during Afteryule, Solmath, and Rethe, so it can happen 3-4 times a MUME year depending on the moon cycle phase (the phase changes only when the calendar is restarted). The dates of the full moon, for the previous and current calendar restarts, are:

August 30, 2003 - July 22, 2006:

July 22, 2006 - April 30, 2009: 12th Afteryule, 7th Solmath, 1st Rethe, 25th Rethe

April 30, 2009 - January 1, 2012: 2nd Afteryule, 26th Afteryule, 20th Solmath, 14th Rethe

January 1, 2012 - ?: 13th Afteryule, 7th Solmath, 1-2nd Rethe, 25-26th Rethe

Kill the warg chieftain, butcher its corpse, and bring the head to Beorn. Beorn will give you a sealed letter in exchange for the head. Give this letter to Loryen, in Ingrove (located s e n from the blacksmith), and you will receive citizenship.

Reward: Ingrove citizenship.

Farmer Ocher Quest

Location: Southeast of Ingrove, at a small farm.

Quest: Find the lost cow called Buttercup. It wandered of to Mirkwood and is mooing anxiously there. Use the 'lead' command to bring the cow back.

Reward: Mix of following items:

  • a pipe
  • a forest green cloak
  • a yew bow (rarely)
  • fine leather gloves (rarely)
  • infusion (rarely)

Kraksh's Fangorn Quest

Location: Northeastern Fangorn, where the roots block the exit down.

Quest: Either use a powder pouch to pass the roots, or cast remove poison on them until they wither (just like in Treebeard's quest). Kill the spider inside, butcher its corpse, and bring the chelicera back to Kraksh.

Reward: A spider's fang, which has a limited amount of venom on it, as if applied with envenom.

Nagash's Quest

Prerequisite: Tarkhnarb-Orc Only.

Location: Vale of Anduin, sw corner of sw zone; needed 30 str to open door down.

Quest: Nagash will ask you to bring him a silver goblet. It loads on the spectre (often wears shield → can be bashed) in a tomb in the ne corner of the Vale. Spectre calls up to 4 undeads to help him if attacked, so beware. It's pointless to kill soldiers before spectre: it will just summon new ones. After it dies, the empty goblet falls to the ground - bring it to Nagash. He will sacrifice twins and fill the goblet with blood.

Reward: Goblet of blood, if quaffed affects you by Blood of Sauron (+2 STR), haven't tested how long the goblet lasts but once you quaff it the +2 str lasts for a mere 15 ticks.

Narv's Quest

Prerequisite: Must be below hero level to get the reward of citizenship.

Location: Vale of Anduin

Quest: pretty easy one. Find Narv (large and old Beorning), he lives in three -room house some west from Mirkwood. Listen to him and accept his quest - find assassin who killed his wife, revenge for her death and return her ring to Narv. Vairr the Assassin pops in zone n from Narv, but he can wander anywhere in Vale. Locate him if you are mage, or spend some time tracking otherwise. Vairr isn't aggressive until you attack him, but after that he starts stab/ fleeing, so beware. On low hps (low wounded) he starts hiding as well. Kill him and bring azure ring to Narv - he gives you jade amulet for it in most cases; but sometimes (pretty rarely) he can give a letter - bring it to citizen mob in Ingrove and receive citizenship.

Reward: jade amulet (worth 5 gold) or Ingrove citizenship.

Elven Scout's Quest

Location: Vale of Anduin

Quest: Very easy. An elven scout loads south of Ingrove, it's behind a hidden woodendoor. Knock this door to open it. The elf is missing one of his elven daggers. The dagger he is missing loads in the forest with trolls and goblin corpse just south of him. Either hidden in one of the rooms or in the corpse.

Reward: Some gold?, some experience and sometimes a flask of miruvor.

Azra-Zaira Quest

Location: Vale of Anduin, at Blackhatch

Quest: According to some Tolkien website the regions are in those directions. Forostar north. Orrostar east. Hyarrostar southeast. Hyarnustar southwest. Andustar west. Mittalmar center.

“Look star” in the room reveals a map with the texts: N E SE SW W C in the directions nort, east, southeast southwest west and center. You have to push the stake with the right region to the right spot. So for instance if N is in the southeast you have to push Forostar to the southeast.

You need a palantir from the Death Knight to get the reward

Reward: A star charm - an evil eff vs lightning item

Warrens Hobbit Quest

Location: Warrens

Quest: Open pendoor (24 str needed) in Warrens and let the hobbit in there follow you. Bring him to the Stoor village some west of Windswept.

Reward: Amethyst & 3? gold. Maybe some exp.

Dunadan Ranger Quest

Prerequisite: Level 21+.

Location: Near Weathertop (from Nen-I-Sul bridge: 6w, 2n, open culvert, e)

Quest: Ranger will teach his lore to well travelled and good aligned persons (“sent to Arda” is enough, “firm believer” doesn't fit) when they complete his given task. The task involves three objects that must be brought to the ranger. The items may be different for each person, the following items are known as possible quest items.

  • White fur from the Huge White Bear in the southern Misty Mountains. (2 spots, one west and one east of OOC)
  • A claw from a Cavern-wing in Moria (actually any Cavern-wing will do). They don't always load claw.
  • The heart of the Ice-Demon in the northern Misty Mountains. (1 zone west from ZOC)
  • A sickly green mushroom.

You must find these items ALONE (means: no same side player can be in the zone when you pick up these items). When you pick up an item in question (mushroom, icy heart, etc), noone can be in zone, you should NOT be grouped, (grouped with mount is ok) and you should NOT be following anyone. I am still not sure if it is ok for another person to kill the mobs for you and let you butcher (under conditions above). - [I have found cavern-wing dead and butchered corpse for talon and it worked for the quest. I can't tell if it was killed by whitie or darkie and whether that would have any effect.]

Dunadan Ranger will accuse you of cheating if you buy items from a shop and try to give to him.

New Tp Requirements

Level Lower limit Upper limit Month.Year
21 45,735 45,814 01.2014
23 54,569 05.2014
24 57,826 58,552 08.2014
25 62.5k ?
26 66.7k 07.2013
27 73k
28 73k ?
29 79k ?
30 80k 83.7k ?
32 89,042 90,983 8.2010
33 99k
40 125k ?
42 126k 140k 5.2008
44 138.3k 139.1k 11.2010
45 139.5k 142.7k 11.2010
47 150,7k 3.2014
50 157k 11.2013
54 168k ?
55 179k 183.7k 12.2011
60 196k 202.3k 11.2012

If you try and get the quest at a higher number of TPS than the current lower limit and fail then raise the lower limit to the number of TPS you had when you tried. If you succeed then reduce the upper limit to your current number of TPS. Eventually we will find the exact limits for each level and we can calculate the formula.

Here's my first stab at a graph of the data, please keep posting upper and lower limits. If that level 40 lower limit point is right and the relationship is liner then we are pretty much there!

Updated graph 28 Mar 14.

To me (Elestir) it seems, the formula is: tps_required = 4000 x level - 38000

Old Tp Requirements: You need 54k tps to start the quest at lev26. (Level 22 and 40k tps works too) On higher levels amount of tps can be approximated by formula 2.5k*level. It isn't real formula, though - but it works until lev33.

If you fail the quest (i.e. Ranger is dissatisfied with the way you got the items), your slate is wiped clean in about a RL month. Sickly mushrooms once decayed on me in 15 minutes (but usually can lie in your backpack for days rl), icy heart decays in around 2 RL hours or so. Lastly, if you have the last item for the quest, and you walk into Ranger's room with another person and give ranger the item. He won't give you the quest (“I will not speak of this in front of other people” - or smth similar). You have to show up alone and ask ranger herblore to finally get it and complete the quest.

Reward: Travelling herblore.

If you level during the quest and end up having less tps than required the ranger will be dissatisfied and you'll have to get the extra amount of tps before you can continue. /Erik

I've added the collumn for date of the experiment, as the requirements can change in time.

The Golden Mantle

Prerequisite: Legend any class

Location: Brush

Quest: Find the majestic brush-lion. I think that he grows up from lower lions (wild lion cub → young brush-lion → large, predatory brush-lion → majestic brush-lion) so don't XP on them! Kill him, butcher for his fur. Go see the Fornost tailor with 50 gold to get your mantle. You will give the fur to him, and it will automatically take 50 gold from you if you have it at this point (so don't also give him the money manually).

For Orcs, it is the exact same thing, but at Kormock instead of at the Fornost tailor. The reward in this case will be a scorched, grisly fur, which is identical to the imposing, golden mantle except in weight (it is a few pounds heavier).

It has been suggested that wearing the mantle as a dark-side character, or the scorched fur as a white-side character, may carry some unknown malus. See golden_mantle for discussion.

Reward: an imposing, golden mantle (white side), or a scorched, grisly fur (dark side)

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