Super mobs

Note for solo storeporting mage: usually all underground area in smob zones is noport; if here in some strategy portable rooms are not mentioned - either I didn't found it, or no portable rooms there.

Location: max southern Dunland (see maps).

Strategy: Main problem here is that there is like 20 high level mobs in like 20 rooms, and also gatekeeper and Broghha himself calls all captains with their soldiers if got attacked. They all (except shopkeepers and one thief) are outdoors, so mages with call will ROCK here.

First get up clouds, restore armour/shield spells and rest full. Warrior must go maxdefence/maxabsorb. Mages follow (dunlendings do not switch tagrets), enter and nuke (The Gatekeeper). Call on him, flee and rest - otherwise 3 Captains and their 6 soldiers will arrive, and escape will be hard. Then just take out patrols one by one (they do not call each other). Do not kill mobs that are indoors (except thief (skulks)) - they all are good-aligned.

After 3 patrols will be dead, go to 'Remnants of Paving', west of this room ('A Large Open-Air Tent') exists Broghha himself, 5 his guards and one more captain patrol which always follow Broghha. These 9 are piece for cake for quaker, but if he fails like 3-5 flees… So for solo only possible solution is wear full thick metal to quake here. For group strategy here is: in, buffer hits, mages get in ONE call and go out (5e), then buffer flees (quite important for buffer to know zone well - because Broghha tracks). Repeat until Broghha dies, after that soldiers will have no one to follow - just kill them one by one (2 calls needed for each).

Level: legend mage with quake and in thick metal (slow); legend metal buffer + 2 legend mages with call.

Loads: steel-tipped spear, small silver pendant, some diary (for Amanrandil quest (see quests) to get sacred cloak/dagger); faintly glowing stone on the animist (one of guards).

Mobs unique to the zone:

  • Broghha the dunlending chieftain
  • Broghha's bodyguard
  • A dunlending animist
  • A grimy publican
  • A dunlending thief
  • A dunlending merchant

Location: From n gates of Tharbad - 7s w 3s w 2n e s.

Strategy: First, find a caster with 'break door' or warrior with good bash to destroy door to chief (otherwise, if the zone repops while you are in, the door will close and lock - and you all mobdie). A warlock sits in the same room with chief and keeps himself and chief sanced, sleep warlock first (or just kill him - shoot to death, preferably with venomed arrows). He is probably the most dangerous mob here - his fireballs ROCK.

After the warlock dies, wait till sanc on chief wears off, and start to cast/flee him (or stab/flee). If you are worrying about your alignment - don't worry anymore: chief is evil as hell. And last: if you don't want to become wanted in Tharbad, kill all of chief's guards and all city guards that saw you while killing chief. Again, better to start with 1.guard.

It is a little easier for solo cleric: break door, blind warlock before he sancs chief, and just nuke chief with fast/quick spells.

Btw, for caster with warrior there's another popular tactic: someone destroys door, mage follows warrior, warrior goes in and hits chief, mage casts fireball and leaves n (he's unengaged), then warrior flees. Chief dies in like 10 fballs from legend mage. But only cast one spell at a time, otherwise the warlock is going to do something nasty :)

Also, it's a one-exit room with lotsa mobs on you, so it's hard to flee from there. I've seen ppl mobdying from failed flees even when using PANIC! trigger. That's especially true when warlock is still alive (fireball). And also: if you died here, NEVER pray to Tharbad on hurt/wounded. N gate guards are not aggressive only when they stay in the n gate! But sometimes they move 1s (where arrive all who pray to Tharbad), and they can instakill naked caster with no spell up. ALWAYS wait till fine - it's easier to reequip than to gain levels.

An alternate method requires at least two (and preferably three) people: a buffer, a blocker, and a breaker. Pick/open the door to chief, and enter. Have the blocker close and block the door, and have the breaker break picture. Now you can regen up from picture while you follow the above described method to kill Chief, without worry about the rest of the cityguards bothering your group.

If you were citizen of Tharbad before killing chief, your citizenship will be taken off; but you won't become wanted in Tharbad in any case.

Chief's room is of course noport.

Level: Hero thief/legend mage (preferably with quake) + cleric/warrior to break/bash door; legend cleric.

Loads: Iron ring, notrack boots.

Mobs unique to the zone:

  • The Chief of Tharbad
  • The Chief's bodyguard
  • The warlock

Location: From Nen-i-Sul bridge 5w, 2n, open slab, 2d, insert rod runedoor, open runedoor, e is his area.

Strategy: If you have mounts, better to leave them behind culvert (s w n from slab). To open slab you need to wait for moonrise (got to be full moon or almost full moon [3/4 waxing]). Its possible to enter during 2 moonrises (1 is 3/4waxing, 1 is full moon). To open runedoor you need to kill Necro first and loot his silvery rod.

From runedoor 7e s e pick/open fireplace e loads a metal wall shield and a bastard sword in a locked chest.

From runedoor 5e 7s is Knight's 3×3 area. There lives DK himself, 10 or so skeletal warriors, and shadowy priest which summons shadows and 1 sanced spirit. Kill them all. If you are too few/have not too much time - just lure DK and 3 his skeletals n from his 3×3 hall. But in this case lurer must be warned: if there is at least one skeletal on entrance - it will not let him pass back from hall: need to lurk around and wait until skeletal goes out, or kill him. And also one more warning: Knight randomly switches targets, so buffer must spam rescue. Loot Knight's glass key, unlock/open flagstone in the center of the hall and go d.

For solo it's easy to storequake skeletals (they die in like 3 quakes), but dont cast more than one quake at once: Knight bashes, which is deadly in this situation.

From this room starts the maze. Dirs in maze are individual, and written on libram which loads on Necro: each must “read example” for exact dirs, and walk in the maze solo (is exactly 14 rooms from below the Great Hall). You even don't need to unfol leader - you will be not able to follow him in the maze anyway. BUT! If you want not just skip maze, but also kill all mobs in it - go step by step: each uses his own dirs, but you all appear in same room! And also: if libram doesn't load, it's still possible to pass maze: you just need to have one person with dirs (i.e. one who did DK before). He must walk first, and drop 1 to 13 copper pennies in each room; others just try to find a way from current room to a room with bigger amount of coins. If someone got lost - just try some random dirs until you get into start room with skeleton (pretty much any “wrong” dirs lead back to the start room), then start again. 8 souls pop there.

After the group gathers again in the room with a mirror, “enter mirror”. It is portal to one more 3×3 area, with exit s “gateway”. From behind gateway any of 3 dirs will randomly lead you either to cloudy area (safe room, but you will arrive at 1hp, 0mov, 0mana, all exits lead to Nen-i-Sul area) or to sentinel (non-aggro mob which guards the palantir of Amon Sul). Sentinel have much hps and good defence, and also he's good-aligned (not anymore). To kill him is enough to have a caster with align over well-meaning (to not suffer from align loss), tho it's faster with buffer. Attack warrior can solo it too (bash/flee), dunno for thief.

Note that while the Sentinel blocks the exit west (to the palantir), it is possible to 'scout' past him. You can see if the palantir loaded this way (since it loads on the ground), so no need to suffer align-loss from killing the Sentinel if you see that it didn't load.

Level: Hero buffer + some hero casters; 5+ hero warriors; legend thief; legend mage with quake.

Loads: MW and bastard sword, fine metal gauntlets/breastplate on DK, fine chain leggings on skeletals; The Palantir.

Mobs unique to the zone:

  • The Dead Knight
  • The shadowy priest
  • A lost soul
  • A brass hound
  • The Sentinel

Location: Dunland (see Maps)

Strategy: Not very tough mobs - just 2 stone guardians and some wraiths. Main problem are doors. First do all undeads under altarstone (or alike doorname). Then open bones, go n, kill first statue - it loads key for sarcophagus. Go s, open shelf, s, kill second beast. Unlock/open sarcophagus down, go and nuke/ /flee rest mobs. They all are following spirit, so after you kill it, they get disbanded and start coming up, so you can whack them one by one. Then you need a star sapphire. Put sapphire hole - opens passage n. In this room in the chest loads all treasure. You can not get sapphire back - it works like one-off key.

Note: This entire area is no-narrate.

Level: Hero, any class (maybe hard for warrior).

Loads: Vellum scroll, gem-inlaid knife, opal and some other stuff.

Location: Southern Dunland, jump down 2w s of lodgedboulder (costs like 100 hps though). A Half-Elf managed to drop to -13 hps from 177, so it probably depends on your weight/climb skill how much damage you will take. /Alf

Strategy: Statue is not aggressive, it even doesn't remember these who already attacked it. It is VERY hard to stab, and it's hits HURTS - it is why almost impossible to solo it. Though, usual strategy for any non-soloable mob (hey, I'm maxbuffer, with group of 7 casters we will clear Arda!) doesn't not work here as well as usual: statue is the one mob in MUME (except Sage) which quakes!

So: cleric must sanc hitters and rest outside, they go leather/aggressive and just hit statue to death, rescuing each another. Cleric enters when statue is awful to get exp.

For mages it takes MUCH more time. They must store 2 fballs or 3 sprays and wear spellsave eq. If buffer is cleric, he must sanc himself. Just enter, buffer hits, mages unstore spells and flee, then buffer flees too. Be sure that each can survive 3 quakes (they same fast as stored sprays with staff). Statue is in cave (indoors), which means call doesn't work here.

Do not forget to restore armour after EACH round - because statue switches, and if non-fresh armour will drop after second or third quake, and statue will switch on this mage - he will be dead for sure.

To get back go max w and “pull lever” to open a mountaingate.

Level: 3 legend attack warriors + legend cleric with sanc; buffer (preferably cleric with sanc) + 2 legend mages; superlegend thief.

Loads: Double-headed axe (ONE 20 OB cleaver), black horn short bow on skeleton (with low probability).

Can anyone confirm this axe load? It is an item I have never seen in game or heard mentioned, ever. - Belamir

I can confirm the load, have looted it at least 3 times. - Staub

Mobs unique to the zone:

  • The dwarven statue

Location: From the Last Bridge - 2e 2n e n 2e open irondoor 3e 2n.

Strategy: Priest is soloable by any class. Just try to avoid his spells, because he blinds. Priest is perma-sanced, so don't use powerful spells like fireball or harm. The main danger when doing priest is the possibility of being trapped by other side players (e priest zone is active PK area).

So the easiest, fastest (and safest) way to kill priest is to break both doors, blind priest and shoot him dead. Sometimes he loads shadow which is hard to do with defence warrior (must be legend with ob set and with ob sword, and will end on wounded/bad which is dangerous in pk area).

After last change priest calls orc guards from irondoor, so either kill them first (hard to stab though, but possible to shoot|hit/flee), or block door before guards come.

Portable rooms: Bell Tower and Guardroom at irondoor.

Level: Any legend level player (may be slow with some classes).

Loads: Fang, purple scroll (loads in priest's hand), black arm wrappings, antidote bottle in pouch.

Location: From the forest gate in the northern Vale (on the western border of Mirkwood), go 6e and 2s. It works to simply spam a bit east and then a bit south, since randoms in this area will force you into Eblees's area whether you want to go there or not.

Strategy: Once you are inside, there will be two rooms open to you: Eblees's room, and the room south of him. In Eblees's room, all directions except south lead back to Eblees. The room south of him is no-cast, but otherwise reasonably safe, since neither Eblees or the mobs he summons will follow you there.

If you wander into here and cannot kill him, you will be able to leave if you wait until you hear the “moan.” This is a message something like “A low moan arises from the trees”, and when you hear this, the north, east, and west exits in Eblees's room will no longer lead back to Eblees, and you will be able to leave his area. The moan occurs every sunrise and sunset and lasts exactly one mume hour (60 seconds) before the sigh.

To kill him, first make sure everyone knows how to get in, since your group will often become separated in the randoms at the entrance.

A warrior and a blinder can kill Eblees without much problem, although it will be slow. Have the warrior buff Eblees while the cleric blinds it, and then have the warrior flee. Kill whatever Eblees has managed to summon while you were trying to blind. Then have the warrior hit Eblees, and flee after Eblees summons one mob.

After several studies it would appear that Eblees will summon 6 mobs:

  1. 2 sets of Black roots
  2. 2 Dark Oaks
  3. 2 sets of Dark vines

Eblees takes “mana” to summon his mobs, the faster you kill him the fewer he attempts to summon. If you take forever (more than an hour) over killing him he may summon more than the usual 6 mobs. He does not summon the gnarled tree.

Kill the mob, then repeat until all his summons have been killed. Kill Eblees. He is not terribly difficult; just don't use high-damage spells on him since he is sancted. I suggest you kill roots first since they make fleeing hard, then vines because arachnia destorys regen in the room s, then oaks then Eblees. Eblees is easily bashable and can be hit dead by warrior and cleric while blind and bashed.

Once he is dead, two things will happen: First, the 'maze' will open up, and you will be able to leave his area. Second, the exit east in the room south of Eblees will open, allowing you to access his treasure hoard.

If you die in Eblees's room, your corpse will disappear and in its place a mob called “an animated tree-horror” will appear. Your equipment will be moved to Eblees's treasure hoard. Animated tree-horrors will rescue Eblees if you try and hit him.

Level: Legend buffer and blinder are the minimum required.

Loads: The equipment that loads is random, with some restrictions. The usual junk eq he loads is:

  • a weapon sheath
  • a large warhammer
  • a two-handed sword (flawless)
  • a pair of ring mail sleeves (well-maintained)
  • a plain cloak (well-maintained)
  • a belt pouch
  • a plain pair of pants (worn)
  • a plain leather belt
  • a water skin
  • a leather baldric
  • a weapon harness
  • a pair of ring mail leggings (flawless)
  • a pair of ring mail gloves (neglected)
  • a pair of smooth, black boots
  • a plain hood (flawless)
  • a pair of soft leather boots (flawless)
  • a pair of rigid leather boots (used)
  • a large sack
  • a leather backpack
  • a metal wall shield (well-maintained)

Beje and Dunadan blade appears to load quite frequently. /Kegger

Iron ring and Ruby ring have loaded but only once in 6 attempts. Bej has loaded twice, eng bs 3 times, dunadan twice, azure scroll 3 times, purple scroll twice, fine grey cloak once. /Elemmire

Mobs unique to the zone:

  • Eblees
  • An animated tree-horror

Location: random room at Mirkwood border.

Strategy: As well as for BBT - presanc your buffer and insta stand after you fall down. The place has just one exit out (up) - but it's closed by default. So, buffer rescues, and all nuke wraith. As he is sanced, use low damage fast spells; weapons work well too - he has not much defence, and anyone with 100+ OB hits him almost always. Also, he got pretty low hps, but it's insane sanc lets just max 10 hps to go through. Once you get it him to bad (like 500 hps down), his soul recalls away and his eq drops to the ground.

Casters and shooters should not engage, as wraith switches to weakest (lowest hps) target - with delay, though. He is nobash, as he is spirit and doesn't use shields; and also eff vs mental. He can cast different spells - fireball, fear, black breath and maybe some more (no area damaging spells though), and also has special chill attack - but not very painful.

There are 2 lesser mobs with him in this room - shadowed men - just ignore them until wraith flees, they do no damage and almost don't parrysplit.

If you see that you are losing, someone disengaged (usually manaless caster) should open exit up (it's delayed, but no STR requirment) - then you can flee and retreat to Ingrove.

Level: legend stout buffer sanced by legend caster plus some 2-3 hero+ nukers or hitters of any class; without sanc it probably works too - but more than one buffer are needed then, to rescue each other.

Loads: black runed sceptre, black hooded cloak and fine silver bracelet. Sceptre is pretty nice weapon with very good defence and bonus to mana regen - but wraith wants it back as well! ;) So he will hunt sceptre's new owner over the whole Arda, excluding good-aligned areas, cities and nolocate rooms - so wielder should permanently travel in group capable to rekill the wraith at every repop. Sceptre can't be given away to anyone but wraith; can be dropped though. Sometimes it casts certain offencive spell when wielder is fighting someone - not very damaging, but cool!

Mobs unique to the zone:

  • An ebon wraith (not killable by regular means)
  • A shadowed man

Location: From small hut near way to DT - u e n s e e n e s n e w open shatteredbranches n kill undeads get key unlock/open rockdoor n w w pick/open door w; back from rock face - open vegetation s w s e w d. If lost: general dirs in - ne, out - sw, and spam 'exits' after each dir of course, no dts here. If you have cleric in group, skip first 6 undeads, and just break rockdoor.

Strategy: First nuke all undeads inside and rest full. Someone with good pick skill must unfollow leader and leave outside GC door. After group enters he must spam pick/open door - in case someone of group or whole group gets beaten: captain closes and locks his door after anyone enters his room. Nuke captain, loot all and flee out afterwards.

Level: legend maxabsorb buffer + some legend mages; 2 legend maxabsorb warriors with good rescue + 2-3 hero any class; plus any level/class with good pick.

Loads: bastard sword or (sometimes) great warsword, metal buckler or (rarely) The Black Buckler, star sapphire, small tin ring; plate vambraces, heavy set and some other metal, chain, battle axes, dark broadsword and other swords, key for Bloodwight - on undeads.

Mobs unique to the zone:

  • The ghostly captain

Location: Old Fornost, from great hall: s open door d s w open floorstone d s.

Strategy: Kraken is large evil octopus, it lives in the old lake under Old Fornost. All group members should have boats (even ones who swim well - because one or two failed swims while fleeing from Kraken means mobdeath). First wait for two tentacles and kill them - otherwise tentacles will drag all who flee from kraken back to his pool, which means mobdeath too. Then rest for full hps/mana, walk in and nuke it. Always sanc your buffer before fight, because kraken hits very hard (almost same as willow), and if tentacles repop during fight - buffer will be dead for sure, and some casters maybe too: they can't free their hands (read: can't cast) if trapped by tentacles. Kraken is in water, so fireballs (or any other fire) are ineffective vs him. After it dies, open secret rock, go east and quickly type: open chest, get all chest - because the strong current will move you away from chest some secs later (and of course stream is one-way).

Level: hero buffer + hero cleric with sanc + some mages.

Loads: Dunadan blade, 5 gold.

Location: See Maps

Strategy: To achieve shield of Cardolan you must go to Malardil's castle some nw of Tharbad and kill Malardil. All doors in his castle are locked, and most can be opened with castle key. Two mobs load this key: Malardil himself and rogue above hatch (s u from entrance). First kill gypsy woman: she casts. Malardil is soloable by any legend level char, and also easy to stab at hero level. Shiny dagger, amethyst and silver key for MA picks upgrade (in the pouch) loads on Malardil too. All castle is portable.

Arthedain loads on the ground in Bill Ferny's house. Kill Ferny and all his thugs (they all soloable by any class on hero level), get root from Bill's corpse - it's key for secret wall east of him (wall flagged NOFLEE btw); go east, pick/open floorboards and go down: shield doesn't always load btw. Ferny's room is portable, dunno about backrooms.

Gilded loads on a ghost some e from Bree. It isn't much harder to kill than other undeads on Arda. Kill black crow near entrance to Old Wight (with magic/ arrows, because it flees), loot key, go to Noble's House, u from it is locked door n. Unlock it with this key, go n. Then you will need to 'winch' until platform goes up. Go n, wait until platform goes down, and proceed d to ghost. Though, on high levels you can pass all this mudlle just by picking/bashing doors (more than 80% pick needed), and also you must be good climber to go up to platform. Shield pops rarely (it is why even legends sometimes walk with Cardolan/ /Arthedain instead of gilded). Ghost also often loads b&s surcoat and eket. He can also cast fear, so, watch out and be ready to for running to your corpse if you are weak-hearted ;)

Only portable room here is behind bushwall.

Gilded also loads on Maranwe in Ost-in-Edhil. Solo BN can do it with charmies. Order eagle hit Maranwe, order tarantula assist. Then nuke him dead with magic missiles, burns or missiles. He switches if you assist, and he will kill a tarantula fast.

Location: From Tharbad n gates - n open oakendoor e open pegs d open moldywall 3s open metaldoor s.

Strategy: MA is not a very strong mob himself, but he calls tons (usually 4-6, but well-known old bug can cause even 10) hero level guards to help him. So don't even try to kill MA in his room: lure him outside!

Good place to catch him is room with rats e from Long, Dark Corridor - Large Echoing Storeroom. Door to this room is not locked by default, but it is pickable, so one in group must have like 70-80% pick (including picks) for fast picking MA inside. Lurer must go to MA, hit him, flee to this room and spam search. Not _flush_: don't hit MA before picking woodendoor because if he will see group attacking him, he will use his flash powder and leave while you stand blind! After he comes (and instantly got revealed) one with good pick must as fast as he can close woodendoor and pick it. Nuke MA, he got like 600-800 hps, so mana of one hero nuker is enough usually. After you finish him, rest full, pick door and quickly leave (or go down for master's treasure) ONLY on full hps (for casters - with fresh armour too), because 10 MA guards can kill you in less than 3 rounds.

Master assassin is also soloable for thief. You just have to kill experienced assassins and brown-skinned men behind greystonewall to the east (doorwardens almost unstabable). Master is quite easy to backstab, after 2 stabs (when he looses hps below wounded) he uses flash powder, flees and runs away. Usually he runs down to sewers (so you have to know all MA area with 10+ secretdoors), swims across catacombs and hides himself at smugglers there. But you can get him out of hide with entering the room without sneak. He attacks and wont hide anymore, then just stab him once more. Btw, in case of his guards were killed he can block himself inside to wait for guards to repop. And also: if you manage to stab him to bad/awful, he walks very slow - thus it's possible to stab him once more even before he reaches catacombs.

Almost same goes for warriors: kill all mobs in MA area (even rats - their hits don't hurt but break tracking), one must rest inside, other go to MA room, open carpet (one-way down - to prevent master from going back), hit him and try flee/go down. Then just hit him to death. Keep him bashed - he have INSANE defence. Same tracking strategy as for thief. Just remember: his nasty guards never go up from under pegs, and never go south from e 2d of e greystonewall.

MA is also solo-able by a legend mage. To do this, store a block, and go lure him to above pegs (make sure oakendoor is unlocked). Standing up from pegs with pegs closed; when you see the pegs open, instantly close and block them. MA should now be blocked inside oakendoor. Since he has very good OB, you will probably need to use stored spells; quakes or fireballs work nicely. It should take around two rounds for him to die; the safest place nearby to regen is inside Shady. Beware when pegs unblock - his guards, if not killed earlier, will now all come, even if he has already died. Also beware that if oakendoor pops (and locks) while you are inside nuking MA, you may be in a lot of trouble. Since this room is portable, it may be a good idea to have a teleport stored while doing this. (Note: I'm actually not sure if the zone, including doors, will repop while anyone is inside. Can anyone confirm this either way? -Belamir)

It is also possible to kill MA in one bash-round, which allows you to loot his small (powder) pouch off his corpse, since he will not get a chance to use it. To do this, you will need a warrior with high OB (to be able to bash MA), and at least 3 staffed, legend nukers. Begin by luring MA into the storeroom d s e of pegs. Have ONE groupmember stand in there, with the door closed, waiting; have the rest of the group stand up from pegs. When MA enters the storeroom, you will see the door open; the person standing inside must immediately go west, close the door, and pick it shut. Now, get the group together and clear ALL of MA's guards. Once they are dead, have the warrior go aggressive, and have someone pick and open the door you have locked MA behind. The warrior should -instantly- go east, solo, and bash MA. Once bashed, the warrior yells for the rest of the group to come, and they nuke MA either with stored spells cast thorough, or quick spells.

Level: Legend mage; Hero buffer/lurer/picker + hero nuker; legend thief with nice link; 2 legend or 3 hero warriors; Max-OB warrior + 3 (or more) legend, staffed mages.

Loads: Slender dagger or eket, upgraded picks, sometimes venom vial, key to joist, small pouch (flash powder) - on Master; small pouch (flash powder), opal, venom lore and 5 gold - in his treasure chamber above joist, in chest.

Mobs unique to the zone:

  • The assassin master
  • A doorwarden
  • A strong bodyguard
  • An experienced assassin
  • A brown-skinned man

Location: NOC area (see Maps)

Strategy: First go to Eoghha (4e 4n 4e 8n 12e from Rivendell moors). Say “lead dragon” (be sure he can see you). Follow his instructions (pay him like 20 gold). Meet him at crude camp (some w of slag), follow him there - he will get you to entrance and will open it.

Thing is that if you get attacked while following Eoghha, he will get scared, and will stop unless you ask him again “lead dragon”, then he will want another payament and you can continue. Also he doesn't stop for bob, etc, so its better to get group at entrance and then follow him solo. (There is a bug that u can spamfollow him and he will then walk megafast to the entrance).

To kill him you need group of at least 1 buffer and 4 casters. Safer with 5 casters. Also sanctuary is useful if your buffer has average/low defence. Dragon casts firestorm which is a room fire spell, that can do massive damage, it helps if you wear shield so you can hide behind it. It has happened to me several times that Dragon simply casted too many firestorms and some of my casters didn't survive. Stored sprays help here, as you can cast while engaged from firestorms, instead of flee-return or disengage. Otherwise DISENGAGE BEFORE EVERY SPELL. Dragon also has special paralysing attack that can freeze you for several combat rounds (very dangerous if you buff him at low hps), but I think he cannot paralyze more than 1 char at a time.

I think the point is (no confirmation on this but seems so): the more ppl engaged with dragon the more he firestorms. Also better not try to bash him ;)

If you decide to flee, he will start chasing you. He always tracks the one who moved as last in the zone (each move triggers his track), but when he is done with that victim he will start to track others. There are 2 deathtraps in the zone (see the NOCAREA map). Way out is underwater so be sure all your followers have swim. Dragon doesn't follow down underwater (I think), but he sure doesn't go w of rocks. Also room e u from rocks has fall-down mudlle (anything dropped will fall down, including corpse with shadow).

Level: Legend maxabsorb buffer + 4 legend casters or alternatively powerful cleric and 4+ legend warriors.

Loads: Copper ring, tower shield, ornamented sheath, The Gleaming Broadsword, adamant, fragile parchment, some gold.

Mobs unique to the zone:

  • Mithnaur the Dragon

Location: From the Last Bridge - w n 6w 3s 3w n e 3n 2w n e, d is it's area. You have to walk through mudlled Windswept plains, which eats moves a lot, have some loop and one-way exits (not random, so *follow* given dirs), and whirlwind here can randomly teleport you around.

Strategy: Mormaeg area have web mudlle, which prevents you from leaving the room, and thus causes mobdeath. Web can be burned any fire (natural or magical), but it requires to drench webs with alcohol or oil. There in Mormaeg's area loads lantern - don't forget to get it and check if it's full (try light it)!

There is also instant-dt (scaling steam - so no death cry even), so examine every exit w if you don't have map!

On the half-way to Mormaeg there is one-way exit; after you pass it only way out is kill Mormaeg or die: way out is down from it, and you will be not able to pick it while spider is alive (it tracks).

Kill all mobs (mostly spiders and undeads) on the way. Actually you can skip them (Mormaeg doesn't call it's fellow spiders), but you will just have more place to fight and less breaking concentration hits from lesser mobs. When you enter room s from last spider before Mormaeg, you will see first mudlled room: web will trap you! Have oil or whiskey in inventory, and make short aliases to “pour oil/bottle web”, “burn web” (lantern/torch must be equipped). Both are instant commands, you can do it even while fighting. Remember that new webs will catch you every time you enter mudlled room, so pour and burn it again every time. Then go w and rest full.

Mormaeg is s from this room with one more spider. Buffer must enter and hit Mormaeg (not just spider - it's 2.spider in the room), then nuker enters, burns the web and starts nuking Mormaeg. It is low on hps, and dies in like 5 fballs. You must have remove poison, because buffer will be arachniated for sure. After it's death pick/open crack down, d open board s - and you are on OER near Windswept again.

You can solo it too, in this case thief need brown bottle ready (after last changes it will protect you from re-poison after you remove poison for the first time), and mage must have 5 stored quakes (will not kill Mormaeg, but will get it down to bad, then quickbolts with staff work almost always). And remember: you can't cast in mudlled (web) room even if you already burned web - if you buff Mormaeg! Burn, flee to any other [non-webbed] room and cast there.

Level: hero buffer+hero any class; legend mage; hero thief.

Loads: topaz (in corpse, not always), sable pouch (on the ground).

Mobs unique to the zone:

  • Mormaeg

Location: Greenway (road to Tharbad).

Strategy: When you enter his room, he will close both obstructions (n and s), and will start to rob you for money. Don't try to open obstruction and flee - he closes it faster than you can open it. But if you attack him, he will not close it anymore! So: make alias “open obstruction”, and start nuke/open/flee. There is also a secret underbrush w from Morthan.

Btw, do not start cast anything in Morthan's room before giving him money - he will instahit you. But if you really want to cast inside without getting hit (if chasing opposite side player) - first give him his money. Though you need to do it each time when you leave/reenter him (conclusion: bn who wants to nuke whities in Morthan must enter with minimum 20 gold ;) ).

Morthan room is portable.

Level: 15 thief, 18 mage with earthquake, hero mage, legend maxabsorb warrior.

Loads: Double edged eket on Morthan, ragged, blackened cloak on Thena, swords/ /shields/bows for at least 15 gold.

Mobs unique to the zone:

  • Morthan Blacksoul
  • Thena Shadowstalker
  • A highwayman

Location: Southwestern corner of the Anduin Vale.

Strategy: Nagash will switch between those engaged, so all warriors should go aggro and keep him bashed. 2 warriors will do him nicely. Darkies can just bring the silver goblet from Waulfa and Nagash will perform ritual after which he disappears. Equipment will stay on the floor including the goblet with “blood of Sauron”.


Loads: Black metal staff (not always), sacrificial knife (not always).

Mobs unique to the zone:

  • Nagash the Dark
  • A raging bear
  • Nellian the twin-kid
  • Nathein the twin-kid

Location: From Greenholm junction - 4w 2s 2w open trunk(fungi) s e open crypt d e pick/open plaque s.

Strategy: When you open one-way plaque, he will instantly cast sanctuary on himself, so either go west from him, or rest outside for 3 ticks. Then start cast/flee or stab/flee him. Remember, after last changes he tracks inside his 2 rooms, so be careful! Irondoor e from him is way out, door s is locked with his black key. Don't stay too much time in his room, because he summon spectres (max 2 of them). Spectres disappear in some ticks (5?), you can kill them though. Nagrorh is level 20, spectres level 16.

Level: Hero thief/caster; takes VERY much time for solo warrior.

Loads: Enruned robe, 5 gold.

Mobs unique to the zone:

  • Nagrorh
  • A spectre

Location: From Nen-i-Sul bridge 5e, s, open hole, d is his area.

Strategy: First kill the half-orc and get the pouch from his corpse - it contains Necro key. Necro himself is located some north, behind closed and locked door. Ways down before his door are dts! (Um, can anyone confirm this? I could have sworn all exits down before his door were a one-way exit from his area to the Nen-i-Sul area, with high climb percentage required. -Belamir) Once you go in, Necro will close and lock door, so make aliases to unlock/open to flee if you aren't sure that you can kill him! This door is nobreak/nobash, btw. No point for buffer to attack him - skeletal warriors will rescue him instantly anyway. Don't nuke skeletals - they will die at the same moment that Necro dies, and even if you will kill them, Necro will summon new ones instantly.

Note that the skeletal warriors he summons are actually different mobs from the skeletal warriors that load elsewhere on Arda (as far as the trophy-system is concerned). So - it can be good exp to kill these. If you blind Necro and then bash disengage him, you can kill all the skeletal warriors you want (well, since it takes mana for him to summon each one, they aren't endless); after each one dies, just have a warrior bash disengage Necro until he summons another. Make sure Necro himself stays blind until you're finished with his warriors.

Warrior must just buff skeletals and rescue caster, caster nuke Necro. After his death, get ebony key from his corpse, unlock/open board and go e for his treasure. Then unlock/open grating and go out (down). Btw: board is noblock, so if you already have ebony key, no one will be able to trap you in here.

Note: Trying to solo the Necromancer is a very bad idea. After a short while he will become very upset and start instantly closing the door to his chamber when you try to open it. Instead of trying to spam it open and flee (which will not work), you must stop opening it for a moment or two - you will then be able to open it and flee without him instantly closing.

Level: Hero maxabsorb warrior + hero caster; very hard but possible for solo mage/cleric/shooting thief (nice link needed for solo). For cleric - blind him first.

Loads: Red amulet in pouch; fear scroll, fang and key for DK entrance (silver rod) in his treasure room in chest.

Mobs unique to the zone:

  • The Necromancer
  • A mindless slime
  • Gahruuk the half-orc
  • A Skeletal Warrior

Location: 2s 4w d e open stonetrap d from NOC crossing.

Strategy: First kill mountain troll on stonetrap. Go down, nuke/flee ologs to the west. Get green iron key from the corpse of one of them, unlock/open prisondoor and go n. (Note: If the key does not load, which sometimes happens, prisondoor is breakable/bashable.) If there is popped noble prisoner (not just prisoner!), beckon him. Lead him outside prison, then he gives you vellum scroll as revard for saving his life. Of course noble will follow whitie only - orcs/etc can't take scroll in this place even if they kill prisoner.

Note that the scroll may be obtained by BNs with charm. Charm the noble prisoner, and lead him outside.

Seems to not be possible anymore for BNs to charm noble prisoner.

![ CW Mana:Warm>charm man [cast 'charm' man] You start to concentrate…

Ok. A noble-looking prisoner seems to be ruled by powers other than yours…


Is it needed to say that NOC area is not the best area to walk as whitie? Even your level is not as important as zone knowledge, and ability to spam to Rivendell if orc players find you while doing mobs.

Level: Hero thief/caster, hero buffer + hero any class.

Loads: vellum scroll.

Location: From hunting place near Bombadil's house: w n 2w s 2w n w n 2e (exits mudlled) Strategy: He is the mob that loads the blue crystal - a component that is needed for all foci items. He hits very hard - about 50 damage. He is not aggressive, but if you attacked him at once, fled and came back - he hits INSTANTLY. He is a legend mob, and solo player will get 100k xp for killing it.

For thief: stabbing him is piece of cake as he have very bad awareness. Just stab/flee.

For mage: cast shield; {cast armour; (control weather until lightning; store 2 calls; unstore em on willow; sleep full) x 2} - until dead.

For warriors: cleric sanc warrior with max wil, heal him during fight, no attack spells, just plainly hit it to death.

For buffer+casters: plainly nuke it to death, usually in 2 rounds. He's smart mob btw, and if whole group re-enters, he will not hit the buffer but will pick a caster (maybe lowest hps). That's why it's good to send buffer in first on second round.

For charmies: charmer goes in and orders all 'hit willow'. After that all casters unstore their mana on willow while it's killing one butterfly per hit!

Level: Legend thief; legend mage with call lightning; hero thief+cleric with sanc; some warriors+legend cleric with sanc; hero buffer+cleric with sanc+ +several mages; legend buffer+some mages; 4+ mages, one of them with 12-15 charmed lev1 mobs (like snakes, butterflies, etc - the higher is charmies level, the harder is to charm that much).

Loads: Blue crystal (Aramel).

Mobs unique to the zone:

  • Old-Man Willow

Location: From Wyrdda ford 4n 4e 4n 5w n open turf.

Strategy: First get the key from under trapdoor s 3e n e d from turf. Then enter turf, kill widow and cavebear. Wait until sunrise and say:

“By the might of Aule I command thee to open”

It can be said by any race, but you must speak Khuzdul well. Slab opens, enter it and clear all mobs inside (3 pairs of crazed dwarves and 3 pairs of black spiders). Be warned: crazeds hit not only the buffer, but 2.player too, so buffer should have good rescue! Unlock irondoor using engraved key from trapdoor, enter it and kill overseer+another pair of dwarves. Crazeds are not aggressive to dwarves, and overseer isn't aggressive to anyone, so start with crazeds. Get small iron key from overseer's corpse, unlock/open carpet down to his treasure room with chest. Nuggets load (if they load at all) n e irondoor. The (silver) nuggets can be mined (as dwarf) however these are pretty worthless.

Just remember, if any member of the opposite race notices your tracks leading in - 99% it will be turf/sod/slab trap (they will have ENOUGH time to gather trap group)!

All doors in the area are blockable but turf/sod, all are breakable but carpet/slab; all area is noport but room between turf/sod and stonedoor/slab.

Level: Legend caster/thief, legend buffer + 1-2 hero any class.

Loads: Sometimes (much more often than in Amon Othar) MDA, always 2H axe, golden and silver nuggets can be mined in one of the rooms in the zone.

Mobs unique to the zone:

  • A dwarven overseer

Location: One entrance is from e priest bottom level (from room with exit e cast dispel magic on door, 2w kill guardians), second is from Last Bridge Fortress (bottom level too, n 3e d e open rubble - 30 str needed [added with 2 ppl]).

Strategy: If you enter via Fortress and it's darkie popped - do mobs first (3 guards at door, snaga orc s of door, 3 orcs behind bronzedoor, then e n w w u n n, kill 2 lowbie orc mobs). Beast area changes after each repop (so remap it each time you do beast), beast even can dig new exits while you fight him. But these exits are neither random and nor mudlled - which means u n d s from some room always brings you back in same room.

Now it divides into with or without Drake-slumber lore. 1) With lore: mix the lore, one person enters and finds the beast. Hold flask, 'throw flask beast' and go get the rest. Then just nuke him while he is helpless. Though beware: the beast is not instantly affected by poison. While not affected by it yet, he is enraged - so better to wait 1-2 ticks before going to nuke. It is why better to solo it: while you get it to wounded solo, will pass enough time for sure. Also this poison quickly goes off, so better poison beast when it's hurt already (if solo). 2) Without lore, its really hard and exciting. One buffer and 2 mages with stored spells or even solo mage can work. Just cast on it till its wounded, then it flees. This means it starts to “whip” down the cave into a dt whenever someone spells it. SO! In, cast ONE spray, flee, DO NOT REENTER that room for few seconds - otherwise you will dt. Beast even can make cave-in which blocks some dead-end room from entering at all (never can be done on crossing with more than one exit though). Repeat until dead.

If you do beast solo, use stored spells only, and wear metal armour. Keep magic armour fresh too, and when unstored fballs go rest to Underground Cavern 3w from stone guardians - beast can't come there. Beware: beast doesn't hit very hard, but it can bash, and also have special 'bite' attack that inflicts like 100 damage in one hit. Like 16 sprays is usually enough (including it's regen while you sleep mana) - or 9-10 sprays/10-12 fireballs/harms if you do it with buffer. Better do not use fireballs on beast: it is dragon and eff vs fire (but if you have no spray, fireballs work as well - just take more time).

Butcher corpse to get treasure.

Only portable area is LB fort yard (non-INDOORS rooms only).

Level: Legend defence shining buffer + legend mage; legend buffer + 2 legend casters; solo nicelinked legend caster. I recommend to use warrior + two casters for it. Then you will avoid any nasty situations, and scaly is easy as pie. /Kegger

Loads: Always gleaming belt, random metal/random jewel (can be even corberyl).

Mobs unique to the zone:

  • The scaly beast
  • A stone guardian

Location: From Morthan s 2w 4s e 2s w, and say “open durin” (in any language). Dwarves can open it anytime, other races between midnight and 3am.

Strategy: To get into knight's rooms, first find iron pick in the underwater room (3s 2e 2s 2e 2s d n from entrance), wield it and start “dig east” from the room under entrance. When you finish digging, the pick will break in your hands. Go east. In that room loads about 20 small and middle snakes - so mage with quake will rock here. First quake small snakes, let warrior go in, rescue mage and finish 4 green snakes.

Then go east, fall down, quickly stand and nuke slaves (they are very low on hps and will die pretty fast - but they parrysplit and cast). After slaves die, start killing knight: keep him bashed - he hits hard (though not as hard as willow/kraken, and has much less OB). Exit back is up from knight's room (where he pops and where you will fall from above), secret - rottenvines. Also, to go back up, you must lure him to south room cause he won't let you go up when he's in room. He tracks in those 2 rooms but he's slow.

If zone repops while you are doing SK, the hole will close too. Secret back from snakes - earthwall.

Btw, it's impossible to do SK during winter - due to frozen water (no way to get pickaxe from underwater).

Level: Hero thief; legend caster; hero buffer + hero hitter/basher or hero caster. Hero mage can do him too, though it takes much time, and also store and quake needed.

Loads: (sometimes); Engraved warhammer, thick metal plate, great helm. (usually); regular plate, full metal helmet; 3 large warhammers on slaves.

Mobs unique to the zone:

  • The Spirit Knight

Location: From Wyrdda ford follow road: 3n 3e n 3e n e n 2e n open brush 2w n e open floor d open runes d.

Strategy: Tall Orc is an uruk in my opinion, and 5 lowbie orcs follow him - so solo warrior can't handle them all. For solo, good strategy is nuke/flee. But watch out: members of opposite race can easily trap you inside - just block floor. In such occasion quickly go: w open obsidian u s pick/open statue 6s w s open boulder w s w open foliage u. Though, statue is hard to pick (over 50% pick plus upgraded picks needed), but it is bashable.

Only portable rooms are 1w and 2w from brush.

Level: Legend caster/thief; legend buffer + legend any class.

Loads: Full regular metal set + thick metal boots + broad scimitar.

Mobs unique to the zone:

  • A tall orc

Location: From BM secretary 2w max s, wait till Theddin comes and say him “explore” after long conversation; then go down. Though, dwarves will not allow evil-aligner to enter, but there is another entrance (heavydoor) from outside BM - decent str needed to open it though.

Strategy: Zone is mudlled; at each repop the exits from all 100 rooms randomly change. But it is not true random: you will never be blocked in some rooms after repop because between each two rooms in these mines after each repop always is one way, and one only (exception - spiders' lair with secret exit). Spiders pop in their lair, and a while later they start to move randomly in the maze. They are about level 16, so they don't hit too hard and have an average amount of hps.
Main danger of these spiders is that they can trap you in their web! This does not happen instantly, though. First you will get a message that the spiders start producing the web (it is not dangerous). Then you will see the second message:

A great, dark spider quickly begins to weave a tight, sticky web around your body!

Flee if you are solo, or be ready to flee if in group. Then you will see third:

A great, dark spider burdens your movement wrapping you layer after layer!

Flee after that! and spam around until you receive this message:

After some struggle you remove the last web on you.

If you don't flee, soon you will see message containing words “faster and faster around you”. After this (fourth) message you will not be able to flee anymore - it is your last chance to narrate about your slow death in the cocoon. After fifth message you will become cocooned - that means you must wait for death (about half-hour rl) or wait for someone to come and free you. Inside the cocoon you will not be able to do anything, even check your inventory or narrate. Though, after the last change you can tell from inside coccoon.

If multiple spiders are engaged to you, can they cocoon you that many times faster? I've always been afraid to find out by, for instance, quaking a room with 3 or so of these spiders in it. -Belamir

Also, if you sleep in mines, spiders will cocoon you instantly, without any message, so NEVER sleep there!

So: If you are a mage, always keep stored 2 fireballs (solo spider dies in 2 fireballs + 1-2 bolts). Warrior should have maxOB equipment and be in aggressive mood - just fight some/spam to remove webs. Same goes for thieves: spiders see sneakers, so backstab is impossible. On low hps spiders spamflee, so be ready. After finishing all spiders in the maze, go to their lair (s from large sign, always same exits). There are usually 2-3 spiders in the same room, so for mage will be good to store some earthquakes, but hitter must lure spiders outside one by one.
After killing them, get key from one of the corpses, open cover down from main room in their lair, turn swim on and jump down. You must have at least 60-80% swim for swimming underwater. When you notice a glinting item, type reveal key. The spider's key is for the door before the chest (in north-western part of mines, some N of mineshaft up), glinting key is for the chest.

Level: Hero mage with store/warrior/thief with good bow/cleric with blind; also needed ultra-stable link or(/and) labfriends ;)

Loads: Steel-shafted mattock, metal wall shield, amethyst, some gold.

Mobs unique to the zone:

  • A great, dark spider

Location: Max sw from Dunland troll forest, open ancientslab (30 str needed), s is it's area.

Strategy: Leave your mounts 2n 3w 4s 3e from entrance - you will arrive here on way back (don't leave inside ancientslab because someone in group can die, and thus leave you without possibility to open slab again). From behind ancientslab go e s 2e. From there you must go one-by-one: leader 2d s w open crack w open algae w get key pile e u w, others just 2d s 2w u w (solo - just because you can fail swim while following leader and be lost in the underwater). Kill shade, unlock/open granite and go w.

There starts noflee area. Tons exits lead to the Deep Chasm, where you get mudlled 50 to 400 damage, and land (you or your corpse) w from Unqalome. The damage you get from fall depends on which room you fall. Deeper in the zone you are, less damage you get for fall (as you are slowly descending when going deeper). Damage also probably depends on your weight. So better to set wimpy low (like 30-50), and have aliases to rescue casters and cure buffers. Kill spirits, 3w s w kill spiders and get webbing (it can contain silvery elven bracelet btw). Go e n e, “tie web” and “throw web” (“toss web”). After that all rest (or unfollow leader), and go s on webbing one-by-one. If you don't toss web, or try walk here all together, you will fall to room w Unqalome and get like 150 damage.

After you successfully regroup on the other side of chasm, go s w s 3w open mossdoor w. You can kill spirits by the way, or just spam by (same strategy - noflee, rescue and nuke). Kill funguses, get small steel key from corpse. Go 3e s w - second bracelet can load here. Key is for slab 2e d from you.

Down from slab is oneway to Grey Spider area. There starts slippery rooms - if you fall, type “exits” and go to room where group is (where room is lit). I suppose it is whitie group you are going in (thus having light) - *expirienced* darkies should do Unqa without this file :P You can't slip into chasm, btw. Spider doesn't sit in one room, but wanders around, so beware. Kill mobs all here: spider can load bracelet, and any random mob can load fragile stone key for stonedoor. Go 2e s 3e, open crack n d n 2w s w - one more bracelet loads here. And at last, e u w d e is room where you meet Unqalome for the first time.

Target gloom, buffers buff, casters nuke and disengage after each Unqa spell - as when you fight dragon. Use fireballs of colour sprays - Unqa is eff vs both, fballs do more damage, but it's less chance that spray gets interrupted by Unqa's freeze area attack (because spray is faster). Don't use lightning for sure - it reflects half the damage. After it goes below hurt, it flees through locked stonedoor down (you can't prevent it) and makes door frozen shut. Cast some fireballs or burning hands on it (like 500 fire damage needed), unlock/ open it and go down.

There are few rooms where Unqalome tries to hide behind animated undeads. No dts, no slipping, just few passages and 3 rooms with 3 uruks + 1-2 shadows in each. Don't enter non-locked door: Unqa is there inside! Enter 2 others and kill shadows there: you will fight there later, so less mobs - less parrysplit. Though, you can't destroy non-animated uruks :( Then only go for next Unqalome fight. Try wait when shadow goes out and enter after that. Bracelets can load on these shadows too.

In the most deeper room shackles can trap you and prevent from leaving (which means mobdeath of course). Ones who get trapped just go out (if non-engaged) after Unqa flees or before buffer flees (sometimes 8 attempts needed). Buffer hits Unqa, basher spams bash dis 1./2./3.uruks, casters nuke Unqa. If 3 warriors in group - third assists buffer, if 4 - no spam bash dis, just every warrior takes his uruk, and buffer buffs gloom. After gloom flees again, fball door (like 80 fire damage), all flee (uruks can be killed later after gloom dies, they are no longer bound to their room when gloom is dead so u can take them 1 by 1) and go for next portion: it chooses random room where uruks are still not animated. Same strategy. In last room Unqalome will fight to death; rings and one rock loads in it, gems in corpses of uruks, other rocks just lie on the ground in uruk rooms (if loaded).

It is also wise to let someone scout the room before charging with whole group, as it takes some time till uruks are summoned by gloom, and gloom can use room attack and engage all buffers before uruks get summoned. If you let anyone scout, Unqalome will summon them right away. Also it is good to be very careful when scouting, because zone can pop when you are in and you might mobdie locked in room with gloom. Another bad thing that can happen is this: you enter room, gloom engages you, but since it is low it instaflees, freezes the door and you mobdie to uruks, unless some friend fireballs door from outside. So better always scout these rooms with friend ready to pick/fireball door from outside.

If you are fast and don't let Unqalome regen, it usually instaflees after second attack (actually 3rd attack if you count the very first encounter with gloom).

Way back from stonedoor: w u 2e s u 2w n u 3e s d 2e open fracturedfloor d. Same idea: if you slip, stand and go to group. Just remember - the more you carry, the more you slip. To get out pull lever and quickly swim e 2d 2w u (while irongrid is up) - and you arrive in room with your horses.

All area is noport; all d from underwater also nonarrate.

Level: legend defencive buffer in shining (or 2 metals buffers) plus 1-2 legend casters, at least one of them must be mage with fireball or burn.

Loads: Icy ring, banded (+10 ob/-10db, or any two of 3ob/3db/+10 attack/ -10ssave) ring, up to 3 twisted rocks, diamonds/emeralds, grey fluid-sack (if loads), up to 6 silvery bracelets. Bracelets can be used to pass statues in OiE forge, for non-noldor. Rumours about save vs shackles are groundless. Btw, do not wear them on both wrists (othervise they explode immediately).

P.S. Credits to Duke for sending me most features of this place :)

Mobs unique to the zone:

  • Unqalómë the Great Dark
  • An animated uruk
  • A grub

Location: zone n from Forlond

Strategy: first you need to receive the oaken rod from either the young Dwarf or the Shepherdess (just enter their rooms, and: ask dwarf in Khuzdul about 'Unnumbered Tears', or ask elf in Sindarin 'Nirnaeth Arnoediad'). Listen long story, after that one of them will get rod from sack and give you (though, it loads rarely, chance is like 10-15% per zonerepop).

Go to the mystical rings some sw of Shepherdess and look at glyphs on the rod. There are seven different types of glyphs on the rod, and the mystical rings contains of seven stones with diffenrent paintings. Now simply place the rod (ex. “put rod wedding”) in the right stone and in the right order. Here is a list of glyphs vs. stonepaintings.

   Mistletoe - Wedding
   Tree - Hunt
   Flame - Battle
   Cloud - River
   Star - Mountain
   Harp - Feast
   Crown - Funeral

If you did this right, then stonedoor to the west will open. Go w, and now you're inside. Just small advice before entering: don't be afraid of all these messages about “something cold touches your arm”, “something moving in the corner of your eye” - it's just mudlle effects, they don't hurt at all :) Go s, e, d, n, push or pull handle (no difference). If you don't, to the north is a trap and you will fall down one room. 2 mobs here - mottled snake and watersnake, kill them. In this room a trapdoor is locked up and a secret west, hiddenladder, open it and go w.
Now you're back from room you fell down from. There is hidden exit w (wall) - it is another way out. Now you should go e. In this room are 1 stone beast and 1 stone statue, you must at least kill the statue to be able to go s. This room has exit s and a hidden exit e (dragonhead).
Go s first, now you're in the lever room. The levers should be set to todays date, by either pulling or pushing it. I guess it will clean up the load room from water, so you don't have to fight the mobs underwater. After this go s kill statue, go either es or se and kill 1 beast and 1 statue. Here is a hidden exit e (secretdoor), open it and go e and loot all. Now go back to lever room and go n.
Open dragonhead and go e, d and s. Here are 2 nonaggresive dwarf statues and a sarcophagus. If you try loot they will attack you. Kill them and loot helmet.

Level: Solo legend any class.

Loads: Large visored helmet, full ringmail set, battle axe, 2H axe and sometimes thin plate.

Mobs unique to the zone:

  • A dwarven statue

Location: From OER some east from brush (there is also clover loading on the road) - 3s 2e 2n open door n 2u.

Strategy: This place is quite small, like a tower, exits are only up/down. If you are caster - make sure your armour is fresh, and shield is up! There is a bunch of bodyguards you have to kill first. Wight bodyguards are quite easy to stab and with decent weapon they need 2 stabs. Better to use sharp thorn: spirit type undeads are ineff vs wood. Even WC himself dies in 2 thorn stabs from legend thief! With an eket some stabs+some arrows. Also they die in a few sprays/dispels.

Note that, you must not stand on the stairs too long, because eventually they will collapse, so if you get a message that something moves beneath your feet, then move out of room. There are 4 rooms in the tower where you can stand and not ruin the stairs: n from the door; n 2u from the door; max up and max d.
If you will ruin stairs and stay alive after fall, it is usually mobdeath to wights who will come for you - as it is almost impossible to flee using collapsed stairs. ONLY way to get out is high climb (don't forget to turn climb on also!). (- not really true, you can word or port out also)

When the bodyguards are dead, kill the captain. He is on the top of the tower, and usually has 2 bodyguards with him who follow him and don't move out of the room. You'd better kill bodyguards there too, because if you start with the captain, you will get hurt, because bodyguards always instaassist captain, but not each other and captain will not instaassist guards.
As for the guards who move around in tower - it's better to kill them too, because if you attack captain, he calls them. For mage with call strategy is as easy as kill hobbit child. Just make clouds, store 2 calls, rest full, refresh armour - and kill WC: upper tower room is not indoors. All tower is portable.

Level: Legend thief/caster; hero buffer+hero caster.

Loads: Broad silver belt, metal plate, metal greaves, metal gauntlets and engraved silver ring - key for loading place of The Silvery Broadsword. Sword itself loads bit east of WC, at rolling plains. Dirs from ruined outlook are: 2s, 2w, 2n, w, 4s, 5e, 2n, open tangle, w, unlock crypt, open crypt, w.

Mobs unique to the zone:

  • The wight captain
  • A wight bodyguard


From Bombadil's hunting place: max e open hatch 2d 3s w s e open barrel 2d s 2e s 2d e 2s - e is his area (random exits); back from lord's room - w n 2e n max w.

Alternately, from outside 'fissures' - open fissures s e n w s e n 3e to above hatch.

Another way to get from above hatch to the sign east of the hunting place - w n e s.

From sign to get out of randoms - 2s w e 2n w.


In the 6-8 rooms with random exits around the Wightlord (room names 'The Noble Room', 'The White Room', 'The Sacrificial Hall', and 'The Wightlord's Chamber') are ten wight nobles and the wight lord himself. Eight of the nobles wander in all of the above listed rooms, while the other two stay with the wight lord in his chamber.

Kill all the wandering wight nobles first. Since this zone will not repop while players are in it, the rooms other than that with the wight lord will now be safe. Gather the group at 'The Sacrificial Hall' - the wight lord and his two nobles will be east. Kill the nobles first, then kill the wight lord.

The wight lord will drain any damage spells cast on him, but not always. There are two (unverified) strategies to reduce the chance of having him drain spells - have the casters go aggressive, and bless the casters.

The wight lord is eff vs. sanctuary (this is also unverified), so it is actually best NOT to sanct the buffer for his room, even though he hits quite hard.

There are TWO safe rooms in this zone. One is the first 'The Noble Room' upon entering (just east of 'The Pillar Room') - you WILL want to make a campfire upon entering this room, so people will be able to know it is a saferoom if things go badly. The other safe room is 'The Underground Beach', which is just north of 'The Sacrificial Hall'.

After the wight lord dies, get the loot and key, open statue e from him, go e, unlock/open chest and get all from it; key breaks after you unlock the chest.

Level: Legend cleric or thief; hero buffer + some hero casters; legend buffer + legend caster.

Loads: On lord: fine grey cloak, ruby ring, wightblade (all rarely), heavy morningstar (if blade not popped), key for chest (always); in the chest: blue scroll.

Mobs unique to the zone:

  • The wight-lord
  • A wight noble


Sleep at the roots of Old Man Willow. After a while, you will be dragged into him and affected by 'sleep' (cannot wake up until it wears off).


Once Willow drags you inside, his soul will remove all eq from you and place it on the ground. You cannot pick up any item in here while Willow's Soul is still alive - if you try, the Soul will move all the items in the room from the ground into its inventory (minus the black sword, so don't worry).

The first person to wake up should wake the rest of the group - either bash disengage them, or just hit them. The inside of Willow is mudlled so that it is easy to 'escape' even if you don't have the skill practiced - so don't worry about being engaged to a groupmate in a no-exit room. Just have both people fighting 'escape'.

After all of the party wakes up from Willow's magical sleep, sanc your buffer and nuke soul - he hits almost as hard as Willow, but has fewer hps. After the soul is dead, you will be able to pick up your eq again, but DO NOT type “get leather”, “get all.leather” etc, because black sword loads in leather satchel! This sword is mudlled - it auto attacks EVERYONE who is in the same room as you. Once you get the satchel, it will jump into your hands and you will instakill your naked friends.

Anyone who wants black sword must remove his weapon first - because sword will force him to drop it otherwise. Then cleric must blind him. Then blinded he must get sword from satchel, it will jump in his hands - but as it is cursed, impossible to remove it. Cast remove curse on person with sword, and call Tom Bombadil to get out.

One with sword must SPAM “remove sword” all the time while his friends and (especially!) Bombadil is in his room. If something goes wrong, and the person with the sword hits someone inside willow before the blind goes in - both engaged should try to 'escape' (see above).

NOTE: If someone outside starts killing Willow while you are still inside, YOU WILL MOBDIE! Make sure to check 'where' occasionally while inside, just to head off any Willow groups that show up.

The ONLY way to get out from inside Willow is to call Tom Bombadil. This means that there is NO WAY to get out as a dark-side player - so this smob is not do-able by the dark side.

Level: Hero+ buffer and a Hero+ mage or cleric. If you want the black sword, the caster needs blind (also works if the buffer has an opal jewelled ring - just remove the ring and you're affected by blind for a short time), and the caster needs remove curse as well.

Loads: The Black Sword.

Mobs unique to the zone:

  • The Willow's Soul

Location: s Hollin road, near demon wolf cave (1 zone w Wyrdda).

Strategy: Enter yard of his house and kill all warriors first (Wuda calls all alive warriors to assist him). Yard is outdoors (of course), so call lightning rocks here. Then rest full, lure Wuda from indoors, do 2 warriors which always follow him. Then rest full again and finish Wuda.

Level: Legend caster/thief; legend buffer + hero any class.

Loads: Hemlock poison vial and (rarely) this poison lore, antidote bottle, herbal kit.

Mobs unique to the zone:

  • Wuda

Location: Follow Hollin road to Eregion/Dunland border, then follow road s from ford.

Strategy: He lives in a small village (10 rooms). He isn't a very tough mob and doesn't have many guards. Just nuke/flee, exits fleeable. After his death open door of his stables, go n w. He calls all the dunlending trappers/hunters in the zone so its best to pick the front gate shut first.

For cleric with break it's even easier - don't even needed to kill Wyrdda. Just pick/open corral east from village entrance, e, break gate - and e is Rohirrim!

Orc shamans (or BNs with 95% awareness/nightvision spell, or just cast unstored earthquakes) can cast darkness and just kill mobs one by one, they can't see in the dark so they wont assist each other.

Level: Same as for Wuda.

Loads: Steel-shafted spear, wooden wall, Horse of Rohirrim.

Mobs unique to the zone:

  • Wyrdda

(Hard) Exp Places


Eastern edge of Anduin Vale zone.


Best to have at least 1 cleric and 2-3 warriors. Start at max southern edge of the forest, Sanc primary buffer, and go east until you find mobs. When you encounter a group of trees, there will ussually also be some roots. The roots do very little damage, so unless you are unsure of your groups ability to handle Mirkwood do roots last. Now, in all of Mirkwood there is ONE gnarled tree. When you attack any other tree, it comes to help them. Gnarled tree bashes and hits VERY hard, MUCH harder than any other trees in Mirkwood, so its VERY important that as soon as gnarled tree comes, all casters nuke it, all non-buffing warriors disengage and hit gnarled. Once gnarled is dead, Mirkwood is much safer place to xp in until zone repop. Gnarled should come on the first group of mobs, if not the second. Once first group of trees is dead, proceed to clear the forest going 3e, 1n, 3w, 1n, 3e.. OR 10n, 1w, 10s, etc whichever you prefer.

Now, any time you move in the forest there are 2 places that someone can fall. One person (maybe more than one at a time, but ussually not whole group) can fall down to Grey spider. If this happens, they should flee/go north, and open exit and wait for group to come clear mobs above. Second place you can fall is more dangerous. Whole group (individual members can save) can fall to Ebon Wraith… if this happens buffer must quickly rescue casters, while someone opens exit (delayed). Blind/bash dis both men and wraith also if you can. Don't nuke Ebon Wraith, it has an awesome sanc. If group must flee, there is a high chance that Ebon Wraith will teleport away before you can heal up to try again, so make your best effort to kill it the first round. It is rumoured that you only fall down to Ebon Wraith at night, so be more careful then, but I have not confirmed this myself.

The forest is divided into two sections, with a “safe” strip between them (Where Ushurg is) - look at the arda map if you don't know what a mean. Clear the southern section first, the groups of trees here are larger and more dangerous, but the forest is much less random here. Nearly all the large packs are along the far eastern edge, but there are a few that aren't. Now the northern section is very random, contains Eblees himself, but has very few large groups of mobs. Before trying to find Eblees, have all casters refresh defensive spells (Armour/shield) as they will not be able to do so once you reach Eblees. Walk around (I tend to go north/west) killing mobs as you proceed, until you find Eblees himself, then quickly go south and wait for the rest of your group to catch up. Any mobs in the general vicinity that you failed to kill will come to help Eblees when you attack him, so try to not skip too many but its ok if you miss a few. Once whole group has arrived safely 1s of Eblees, have warrior tank, blind and bash dis everything, and if there are very many mobs, nuke/kill roots first. Eblees himself is not very strong, 2-3 warriors and a cleric kill it quite easily unless tons of trees come (Such as if zone just repopped). If you somehow find that you are not going to be able to manage to kill him, you can walk out of Eblees area at dawn (There will be a message that says the trees seem less dense or something to let you know its time). Once Eblees is dead, go south, east, and on the ground there will be ALOT of random equipment. Pick up anything valuable. Typical loot includes items such as Bejewelled Shield, BSB, BHSB, some gems, etc - as well as the equipment of any players who died to Eblees recently. When done, go w n and a few west to leave the forest.

A few general notes:

The roots in Mirkwood are not so bad as the roots in other places, you will nearly always be able to escape them before you die, unless perhaps you are armourless caster in plain cloth against many trees…

Elf warrior is the best to buff Mirkwood, since they are eff vs. wood - same goes for Willow/Fangorn/Old Forest too obviously. Sanced elf def warrior is a very good tank here.

Followers who don't have any (or very poor) track will get randomed more often. Follower with 100% track will almost never get randoms in southern mirkwood, but it may still happen around Eblees area even with high track. If you only have 1 warrior who has no track, make him lead if he can.


SMOB group of fairly well geared legend players, preferably including at least 1 cleric and 2-3 warriors.


Random, can be nearly anything. Sometimes you just get junk like water skins and backpacks, sometimes you get several legend items like Bejewelled shield etc.

Mobs unique to the zone:

  • A darkly gnarled tree
  • A dark oak
  • A thick tangle of dark vines
  • A black tangle of roots
    • An animated tree-horror
    • A shadowed man

Location: Dunland

Strategy: Main point of this strategy is to avoid mobrips (which are frequent here). Do tower first, and then do the patrol under tile (which is secret d from guardroom). Get the key that loads on the patrol. It works on the door dww of tile. Now people usually mobrip due to repop of dunland orc caves. If you lure 2 patrols from central cave area, and lock them in under tile, then you can xp safely in the caves. Leave the locked-away patrols alone - they are mobs that you will get a lot of trophy on soon enough anyway.

Patrols will NOT go up tile, and if gate-guards are alive, you can not go down tile. Note that patrols also prevent you from going up tile, so be extremely careful here.


Mobs unique to the zone:

Location: Fangorn.

Strategy: The basic idea is that killing trees in Fangorn works much the same way as trying to kill citizens inside a city, with a few notable differences.

Wanted status: Trees and Ents count as citizens. Like in any other city: attacking or killing a citizen is a crime and if there is a witness to that crime that isn't fighting, it may report you. Aside of that camping and using fire or lightning magic is considered a crime too. Camp fires seem to attract trees who then make you wanted if they find you hanging at the camp fire. Once you are wanted you will get several warnings to leave the forest and then become wanted dead at which point any tree you run past will start to hunt you. They can cross water.

However, until you are wanted, you can kill the trees in Fangorn without much difficulty. While they will assist each other, they are usually solo, and do not hunt.

After you have attacked or killed a tree, you need to start being careful in your movements through the forest. The longer you stay in a room with any tree-mob, the more likely they will be to inform you that you are (or will become) wanted. It does not seem to matter if there were any witnesses to this crime or not. However, there is one way (besides avoiding the tree-mobs) to avoid getting flagged wanted: while a tree is fighting, it will not advance your wanted status. This means that if you only attack trees that are solo, and always hit them instantly upon entering their room, you can delay getting wanted for a long time. (Note: this is kind of a mix of untrue and inaccurate information. Clarification: Thing is if you aren't reported yet killing only solo trees helps you remain unreported. Then it doesn't matter how fast you hit them. If your crime was reported, then hitting trees instantly prevents them to give you warning about leaving forest - as they can only do so while not engaged - hence it allows you to stay in the forest bit longer (you become wanted dead with the 5th warning) - this works in other cities too, only the warning is different. Of course if you are already reported it doesn't matter anymore whether they are solo or not, as there is no difference to being wanted for 1 or more crimes in Fangorn. /Elestir)

Also, note that one aspect of city justice works much the same in Fangorn: if you are fighting a citizen (in this case, a tree), flee from it, and re-enter its room, it is very likely it will advance your wanted status. (Clarification: that's because the victim itself is a witness, and the only reason it didn't report you before was, that it was prevented from doing so because of being engaged in combat. /Elestir)

Once you have become wanted dead, it becomes very difficult. Not only will the trees hunt you, but if you start fighting any tree, there is a good chance that trees nearby will converge on you.

Alignment of trees: If you are a BN, you need not worry about alignment loss.

If you are playing a good-side character, stick to trees with keyword “huorn” if you want to avoid losing alignment. The giant yew, haughty elm, mature linden, ancient oak, and black alder trees all have this keyword, and are safe to kill without any drop in alignment. Aside of these, also tall ash trees are killable and non-good.

In addition to these, there are several more trees that are “borderline.” These trees are very slightly good aligned, so you can kill quite a few before you see your alignment drop visibly. The slender hornbeam and tall scots pine fall under this category.

The imposing beech tree and birch trees are significantly good aligned, so do not kill them unless you want to spend a lot of time fixing your alignment. (The same goes for the named Ents, obviously.)

Other information: There are 12 different types of trees that are solo-able in Fangorn if you are a BN, and 6 (or 8, if you're willing to lose a bit of alignment) different types if you are playing a good-side race.

The trees are stabbable, but realize that stab/fleeing is likely to make you become wanted rather quickly.

A solo mage with a charmie (mother eagle works quite well) can solo Fangorn easily. Have the eagle buff, and trees die in 4 fireballs plus change. Since trees start off being worth upwards of 20k apiece, this means that for a BN, Fangorn is an easy 3M exp or so (approx. 200 ents).

Do not try to solo Beechbone, Treebeard, or Leaflock. (Treebeard required 68 fireballs and a bit under 2 hours for me, yielding approx. 160k xp - Scad)

Some trees switch, and most are not bashable. All trees have a mudlled bash attack which can damage your sword and shield, and can make you unwield/remove them.

There is exactly one tree in Fangorn that you can kill without any risk of getting wanted. A bit northwest of the Ford in the River Limelight (at the northern border of Fangorn), there is a hidden exit north named 'foliage.' Behind this is one black alder tree mob, one black alder tree item, and a clump of roots. This tree seems to be outside the 'justice' system of Fangorn.

MANY THANKS to Kvetak, who provided most of this information.

Level: Hero mage or cleric with charm, or legend thief.

Mobs unique to the zone:

  • A black alder
  • A haughty elm
  • An imposing beech tree (good-aligned)
  • An imposing beech tree (same name, different mob)
  • A birch tree (good-aligned)
  • A giant yew
  • A slender hornbeam (slightly good)
  • A mature linden tree
  • A tall scots pine (slightly good)
  • An ash tree
  • An ancient oak
  • A strange tree
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