Some Comments

  • As usual plants/bushes/shrubs doesn't have keywords, but leaves/flowers/petals have it.
  • To crush plant/flower/etc type “wield <plant>” and “crush <plant>”.
  • (35/900) means Weight 35, Cost 900
  • Old hermit near Dark Tower will give you most of these descriptions as gift if you will spare his life.

Description:  A small plant grows here, with long, pointed leaves and flowers
              at its top (35/900)
When crushed: some long, slender green leaves (2/700)
Location:     some NE from Harlond; near mottled snake N from Forlond; in the
              Old Fornost; OER in brushes; some se from Rivendell
Used in:      Antidote
Description  A dark green, foul-smelling shrub grows to about a foot in height
Loads:        some white, egg-shaped berries (5/4000)
NOTE:         loads at certain yeartime only (autumn/winter)
Location:     in the vines secretplace n from Tharbad; 6e from Amanrandil
              Temple; some se (across river) from tall orc oak tree; on way
              to tower e from thorns/hedge; ABR - some ne from tower; some ne
              from moors; DT pine forest; 4 n from OER near Warrens; some
              s from WC, rotting garden of herbs near VT
              (I think max 3 shrubs can load at any 1 time)
Used in:      Drake-slumber poison.
Description:  A large shrub covered with dark violet berries grow here
Loads:        some violet berries (5/350)
Location:     BM area; Shire (tanner forest); Old Forest bonfire; NOC area
Used in:      Belladonna poison
Description:  A large thorny branched shrub is growing here
Loads:        some blackberries (4/12)
Location:     very common in Shire (two bushes just above mauve petal hermit, many in hills of Scary)
Used in:      Antidote
Description:  A shrub with maple-like leaves is growing here
Loads:        a handful of blackcurrant berries (7/500)
Location:     very common in BM area (eg room SW of Crazed Dwarf); Shire
Used in:      Soothing-draught
Description:  A dense carpet of blue flowers dip their heads in the breeze (10/1, nosell)
Location:     Tbad area; Lothlorien
Description:  A low shrub with bright green, oblong leaves is growing here
Loads:        some blueberries (10/10)
Location:     inside Harlond; Shire (eg. wnw of hobbit smugglers); outside the gate of hobbit farmer north of old forest
Description:  Clusters of slender stems and tall leaves thrive in the mud and shallows (35/1,
When dropped: A hollow length of stout reed lies here (50/2)
Location:     zone e of Harlond, Dunland near oak tree
Description:  Yellow flowers, with grey-green foliage, grow in clusters here (10/1, nosell)
Location:     zone e of Harlond; Eregion; Dunland
Description:  A small flower grows here, with a purple bloom and wide leaves (10/900)
When crushed: grey-brown powder (5/900)
Location:     BM area; Nen-i-sul; ABR; Lothlorien; NOC area; some west of crazed dwarf near Moria
Used in:      Orc Balm
Description:  A large shrub grows here, its branches loosely spreading
Loads:        some cherries (10/10)
Location:     Lothlorien
Description:  A bag of cinnamon lies here (5/1275)
Location:     GH herbalist
Used in:      Seeing, Shadow
Description:  A small patch of clover grows here (2/60)
Location:     very common herb
Used in:      Travelling, Walking
Description:  Some small cloves are lying here (2/500)
Location:     GH and Rivendell herbalists
Used in:      Walking
Description:  A tall, stately, dome-topped tree grows here
Loads:        a green spine capsule (30/4, nosell)
Location:     Shire - near Hobbiton (sw of Ted's Mill); Eregion
Description:  A sturdy plant grows to a height of almost a yard (200/3600)
When crushed: a bulbous root (17/3600)
Loads:        Midnight Forest nw from the Ford; in forest north of mewlips cave
Description:  A man's-waist high evergreen shrub grows here, with bright green branches
Loads:        several splayed leaves (2/1000)
Location:     GH and Rivendell herbalists; "A dense thicket" - northeastern part of brush
Description:  A band of small flowers is lying here (10/20)
Location:     Loads on Dunlending children
Description:  Delicate golden blooms adorn the ground like a cascade of stars (10/1,
Location:     Lothlorien
Description:  A tall shrub with strong-smelling foliage is growing here.
When picked:  some elderberries.
Location:     Fangorn (1n of crack to puffballs and 5e1n of there 
                       also 3 more loadspots on the southern edge of the forest)
Used in:      Central Anduin botanist quest
Description:  A cluster of dark green, feathery fronds flourishes in the shade (15/1,
Location:     RTT; Dunland; Dunland Ancient Forest; Lothlorien
Description:  A tall plant grows here, with grey-green leaves and grey flowers (250/1750)
When crushed: some grey petals (1/1750)
Location:     Midgewater Marshes; on road to Tbad near Tbad; some SE of Khuzur; some SE of tall orc;
Used in:      Antidote
Description:  A slender plant, with white flowers at the top, grows here (150/1800)
When crushed: some white petals (1/1800)
Location:     BM area (3w of crazed dwarf); Shire; Old Forest bonfire
Description:  A bushy plant grows here, with tall clusters of yellow flowers (230/4000)
When crushed: some yellow petals (1/4000)
Location:     southwest of Tharbad near the shipwreck, w s from entrance to Mormaeg
Description:  A slender plant grows here, a single cluster of flowers atop its narrow stem (75/6000)
When crushed: a man-like root (5/6000)
Location:     three load places near Last Bridge: 1) 2e 4s, 2) 2e n 7-9e 1-2n;
              3) 2e n 9e s; also somewhere in Misties near Moria (???)
NB:           root also loads even if plant is not loaded, so try 'reveal root'
              even if you don't see plant
Used in:      Travelling
Description:  A small and tough weed grows here (75/150)
When crushed: a crushed stem (3/125)
Location:     Shire; Dunland
Description (inv): some sticky gooseberry preserve (50/10)
Location:     clay jar near Harlond; same jar in MA area
Description:  Some plump of juicy grapes are growing here (50/6)
Location:     inside Harlond; zone N from Forlond
Description:  A small, sickly green mushroom grows here (20/2000)
Location:     secret with shadow in BM; secret behind goblin leader in goblin caves
NB:           There were other load spots, but they all nuked during poisons change
Used in:      Psylonia poison
Description:  A reddish-brown shrub with purplish-pink flowers grows here.
Loads:        a cluster of purplish-pink flowers
Location:     SE corner of Vale zones
Description:  A tall plant with a perfectly smooth stem gracefully marks the landscape
Location:     Old Forest bonfire; sw of Wuda; Warrens Canyon floor; NOC area
Used in:      Drake-slumber poison, Hemlock poison
Description:  A bright green holly bush is growing here
Loads:        some hollyberries (4/10)
Location:     very common in Khuzur and Eregion area
Description:  A large shrub grows here, filling the air with a heavy scent
Loads:        a handful of fragile flowers (11/3500)
Location:     some s from road to GH - entrance to Nagrorh; "Loudwater Plains" - 2s2e from
              crossing in the trail (to DT)
Description:  A holly bush with dark green leaves is growing here
Loads:        some inkberries (4/10)
Location:     very common in Eregion
Used in:      Psylonia poison, Hemlock poison
Description:  A beautiful, ivory coloured rose with a tint of crimson is blossoming here (2/15)
Location:     near Khuzur; in Dunland near entrance to NOOC.
Description:  A short evergreen plant, with slightly bluish needles, grows here
Loads:        a cluster of hard, round, black berries (4/10)
Location:     Shire - hills of Scary, 3e from "A Spring" (loads at certain yeartime only);
              some ne of Harlond (behind thickbush); Lothlorien; ne3nw from entrance to tall orc;
              near NOC; 2w5n3w2ne3ne2s from door into the Dark Tower; 12e from
              eastern Evil Priest
Used in:      Clear-thoughts, Walking
Description:  A grouping of soft pink flowers radiates a sweet fragrance (10/1, nosell)
Location:     Ost-In-Edhil
Description:  A thin, hairy plant, with small, oval leaves, grows here (120/225)
When crushed: a pinch of pale-green, crushed leaves (2/275)
Location:     Gamgee's garden; NE corner of zone NE from Bree; 8enes10e from moors
Used in:      Walking
Description:  Some dried mauve petals can be found here (1/987)
Locarion:     on Big John's experienced smuggler, in sack; Shire, in the underwater
              hermit cave, in sack
Used in:      Clear-thoughts
Description:  A slender plant grows here, with clusters of tiny pink flowers (180/2000)
When crushed: a sticky mass of stems, leaves and sap (100/1400)
Location:     Shire - some ne from Rushey; Eregion; Dunland; Warrens area;
              some e from Rivendell sww from bridge near vegetation; wwwnnnnw and wwwnnnnwnwwwww from Vale ford
Used in:      Drake-slumber poison
Description:  A clean fragrance drifts up from a thick clump of leaves (30/50)
Location:     RTT by Morthan; Tbad area; Eregion
Description:  Several blooms of snow-white and palest green cover the ground (10/1, nosell)
Location:     Lothlorien
Description:  An orchid of light violet petals blossoms nearby (2/60)
Location:     Lothlorien, Tbad area
Description:  A small pile of pungent red powder lies here (7/1000)
Location:     GH and Rivendell herbalists
Used in:      Skillful-oil
Description:  A patch of moss grows here on a wet, flat stone (15/500, nosell)
Location:     slug cave near road to GH; spirit castle and witch tower near
              Fornost; secret down in Farmer Maggot's barn
Used in:      Seeing
Description:  Some orange-red blossoms grow amid grey-green foliage (10/4000)
              (some orange-red flowers)
Location:     w from dt in FOY area; Misties east of Moria; BM near scree
Used in:      Drake-slumber poison
Description:  A bright red mushroom is growing here (20/250)
Location:     common
Used in:      Belladonna poison, Drake-slumber poison, Psylonia poison
Description:  A detached red rose is lying here (2/50, nosell)
When crushed: some red petals (1/24)
Location:     zone N from Forlond; inside Harlond/Bree; entrance to Fornost witch; Shire (farm just w of BWB)
Used in:      Skillful-oil
Description:  A woody evergreen plant grows here, with many stems reaching upward (365/225)
              (a woody, many-stemmed plant)
When crushed: several needlelike leaves (2/200)
Location:     BM area; Shire (Gamgee's garden, hills of scary); White sands near road to Fornost; little east of Wuda;
              some s from Tbad; some e from marshes near Bree
Used in:      Seeing, Shadow, Skillful-oil
Description:  A waist-high evergreen shrub grows here, with thick, reaching branches
Loads:        some grey-green leaves (2/100)
Location:     GH area; near road to GH; Shire; some w of Wuda; 8enes10es from moors
Used in:      Clear-thoughts, Soothing-draught, Orc Balm
Description:  A cluster of white star-shaped forget-me-nots fluorish here in reminiscence
              (50/100, nosell)
Location:     inside Bree; ABR
Description:  Some delicious wild strawberries grow on the ground (20/10)
Location:     BM area; some e of Moria; Dunland
Description:  A small evergreen plant grows here, its woody stems reaching two feet (20/450)
              (a woody, stemmed plant)
When crushed: a handful of narrow leaves (2/450)
Location:     at Oak trees; some s from road to GH; Shire (Gamgee's garden); e from entrance to Wyrdda;
              some se of NOC; n3e2n from northern entrace to tall orc
Used in:      Travelling, Orkish draught
Description:  Prickly, white-stemned plants, with blue flower heads grow in abundance (10/1,
Location:     Eregion; Dunland; Lothlorien
Description:  A low, many-branched shrub covers the ground here (125/400)
When crushed: some scented crushed leaves (2/400)
Location:     Shire(farm just w of BWB, Gamgee's garden); Eregion; n2e2sw7swsw2s4e from Eoghha
Used in:      Clear-thoughts, Soothing-draught
Description:  A small tincture of oil has been placed on the ground (185/1000)
Location:     Fornost herbalist
Used in:      Skillful-oil
Description:  A flowering plant grows here, its fern-like foliage dancing in the breeze
When crushed: a foul-smelling root (10/1200)
Location:     up from giant lizard in BM area; south-western Shire; near Rivendell;
              ABR some sw from tower; in Eregion outside overseer
Used in:      Drake-slumber poison
Description:  A long brown bean, emitting a pleasant scent, is here (2/2000)
Location:     GH and Rivendell herbalists
Used in:      Skillful-oil
Description:  A blooming water-lily floats on the surface of the water (10/150)
When crushed: some white petals (1/150)
Location:     inside Forlond; in marshes near Bree; near RTT; Dunland
Used in:      Antidote, Soothing-draught, Orc Balm
Description:  A detached white rose is lying here (2/50, nosell)
Location:     inside Harlond/Bree
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