Poison is often deadly, and requires immediate action. Nature has provided us with certain herbs to defend ourselves from this vicious danger, if we know how to use them. Unfortunately, any remedy we hope to make will be very complex. The simplest, and most effective, is outlined below.

First, a base is made with two handfuls of blackberries, because of their healthy juice. Water lily petals, to purify the blood, and figwort, to purge the stomach, make that a thick paste. Finally the healing properties of the kingsfoil make it really efficient.

This mixture will not only cure most of the poisons that can be found in plants and water, but as well purge your body from the somewhat annoying effects of any potions.

How to obtain:

Kill the hillman-chief and loot thin parchment from his corpse (Doesn't always load). This village is located some north from Rivendell.

Alternatively kill the assassin behind tangle near Wight Captain. Can load on the assassin, but it's rare.

Ingredients: 2x blackberries, lily petals, figwort petals, athelas leaves

Product: a brown bottle

Effects: Cures amibia, poison, venom, alathen, aganar, minuial, firndal, psylonia, and arachnia. Gives immunity to these poisons for several hours.

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