Description: Among the beasts of our lands, the spiders are the most feared, mostly because they sting their victim and inject a poison which slows their moves and their brain. Thanks to a careful study of the grey spider anatomia, we have been able to use the venom sack of this beast to produce a terribly dangerous poison. In a bowl, crush the tail of a young salamander into a shapeless pulp. Add the fur of a bat to stabilize the components, and, most important, the fluid sack of a grey spider. The sack must have been butchered recently from the monster, and kept in a wet sack during its transport. Mix the three ingredients until a brownish liquid is obtained.

How to obtain: Loads as a crumpled scroll on the dwarf at Top of Moria walls for instance. It loads rarely.

Effects: This poison makes your victim very sleepy and eats his moves like hungry warg devours fresh bloody meat.

Ingredients: salamander tail, bat fur and grey fluid-sack (from a Grey spider).

Product: Dirty reddish vial.

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