To make bannocks light and brown all is needed is one pound of flour, three eggs, and the sweet golden treasure of a freshly crushed honeycomb. Mix the flour and the eggs in a large dish. When this has been transformed into a homogenous mixture, crush the honeycomb and add it in the paste. Mix it carefully. If the paste is too thick, you may have to add a small quantity of water or milk. Make then small round dough and use all your talents to cook it in a pan. This will give you enough bannocks for a week. Serve them with a cup of tea, beautiful cramsome bread and rich free butter.

How to obtain:

Find the lonely giant somewhere in the shire, and “comfort giant”. Listen to him and he will start following you. Bring him the items he asks for, and he will take you to his house to teach you how to make bannocks.

Ingredients: flour, 3x egg, honey wax (You can buy all 3 ingredients in Bree, flour and eggs at grocery; honey at bakery.)

Product: 8 balls of dough that can be cooked into delicious bannocks

Effects: Lightweight food that lasts a long time, fills you up and keeps you fed for good amount of time.

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