To create this wizard's brew, you must obtain juniper berries for promotion of higher thought. Mix these with the mystical mauve petals, to boost creativity, and sage to clear the mind. Finally, some thyme is needed to aid the memory. This brew will give the mage more energy, and replenish his energy at a faster rate. However, when the beneficial effects expire, he will be mentally exhausted.

How to obtain:

Kill the Bloodwight and loot his chest.


Juniper berries, mauve, sage (crushed), thyme (crushed).


A pungent brew

Effects: Mana +15 and mana regeneration +15 for 2 hours. After that, mana +7 and mana regeneration +7 for 4 hours. After that, mana -5 and mana regeneration -3 for 6 hours.

### Does anyone know the duration of pungent brew? It should be between 10-15minutes(Benedictus)

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