Description: This is the recipe of a brew which should be able to debilitate even a very powerful beast - one which would not succumb to ordinary magic or weaker potions and poisons.

The sticky pulp of a fresh milkweed plant will make a ready base for the draught. All parts of thisplant cause weakness and staggering, then prostration, laboured breathing and a profound sleep. This should serve to slow and weaken the creature, despite its strength and size. To the base add some valerian root and the flowers of the mountain poppy - these herbs act to tranquilise and to alter the workings of the mind. They also inhibit aggression, which will be most important in controlling the beast.

Leaves, flowers and fruit of the hemlock plant will weaken the animal, slowing its heart and suppressing its breathing. A single fly agaric mushroom is also needed - the flesh of this bright red fungus is said to bring on dizziness and a lack of coordination, followed by a deep sleep.

To complete the brew one white fruit of the baneberry plant is needed. This strong poison will weaken the creature, and should further assist in bringing about dizziness and poor flow of the blood.

How to obtain: Below the temple of the evil priest behind the magically blocked door in a large chamber stand two stone guardians. One of them have an alchemical journal, that contains the secret of this mixture. No idea about how often it does load…

Effects: This poison is exception of all poisons: it is not supposed to be used vs player, but very important for doing scaly beast under LB fortress/epriest. When thrown towards beast, it devours it and gets weakened → will not use his attack that starts delayed-dt mudlle in the room (Beast slaps tail …, then leaves, then with delay tunnel colapses).

Ingredients: milkweed mass, valerian root, poppy, hemlock plant, red mushroom, baneberries.

Complete kit: A fragrant-smelling bag contains mushroom, hemlock, mass, root, flowers and berries.

Product: Glass flask (120/1000) - lasts alot (several hours rl).

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