Description: The plants of the wilderness have a large spectrum of applications. Those who know the use of the herbs can produce a whole set of curing concoctions, and of deadly mixtures also. This is the formula for one of the worst. Carefully crush the tongue of an old frog as base of your preparation. Take the leaves, the stem and the fruits of a hemlock and add them. Add then a handful of inkberries from Hollin. Mix carefully and seal it in a vial. That draught will weaken all the abilities of the person drinking it, and can successfully be poured over your blade to poison your opponents.

How to obtain: Loot dirty formula from Wuda the Dunlending Chief, formula is rare though.

Effects: Gives -1 str, -1 dex, -1 con, also eats some hps/mana/moves on tick.

Ingredients: tongue of a frog, hemlock plant and inkberries.

Product: Green stinking vial (10/10000).

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