There are some situations when one needs all the courage and strength he can muster. In those critical situations, even the most common flu can turn a fearsome warrior into a dull mass of flaccid muscles. As the most prompt to ill race, humans have soon learned how to use herbs to cure the flu, among them thyme and sage were the most renowned. Later, one particular flower, formerly raised by the Entwives, appeared to have even greater healing virtues. From this flower, often called coneflower, a very effective treatment can be made to heal the average flu.

First of all one has to use honey as a base, but also to relieve the inflamed throat. Thyme and sage leaves should then be added, as their healing powers will greatly help the patient. The whole coneflower should then be mixed into the paste to help fight the infection and strenghten the body. Finally, the large leaves of the coneflower can be used to wrap the mixture, producing a sort of leaf-cake.

How to obtain: Complete the Leaf-cake quest.

Ingredients: coneflower, thyme, sage, honey mixture

Product: a leaf-cake (lasts long)

Effects: Cures the flu, you have to be at least a bit hungry to eat the cake.

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