Description: Anyone who ate the wrong mushroom knows that the effects of mushroom intoxication can be really surprising. Headache, dizziness, hallucinations are some of the possible symptoms. Some people, like the inhabitants of the remote land known as Yuka Taan, south of Harad, use mushrooms as a drug. Others have found a more warlike usage. The orcs of the east know many preparations based on mushrooms. One of the most efficient, a poison which does not kill the victims, but drains them and stop their concentration, is described here.

The base is made by a handful of inkberries from Hollin. A red mushroom is crushed with the berries, to thicken the paste. The third ingredient is the most important: the rare, sickly green, mushroom. It must be added before the concoction is mixed. Few people have ever found this mushroom: it is rumoured to grow in humid caves or in the darkest forests of the land.

How to obtain: The lore of Psylonia written on a crumpled paper can be found at the goblin shaman in the Goblins Caves in the northern Misty Mountains. These papers are VERY rare. In the secret in same caves loads mushroom that needed for this lore.

Effects: When smeared on your weapon or to your arrows with the envenom skill you have the potential to affect your victims with the dreaded Psylonia poison. This poison does not kill the victims, but stops their manaregen and greately eats their mana.

Ingredients: inkberries, red mushroom and sickly green mushroom.

Product: Mildew covered vial.

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