Description: In the wild strange plants with strange properties can be found. One of the strangest is the phosphorescent moss which covers the walls of a few humid caves. It is believed that this light is emitted by a fungus which lives in symbiosis with the moss. What matters is the possibility to use it to prepare a draught which gives a limited vision in the night. The base of this concoction is the brown powder of a cinnamon stalk. In it add a handfull of rosemary leaves, to make mind more attentive. In this dry mixture put shreds of humidified phosphorescent moss, and mix carefully the whole, until you get a phosphorescent liquid. When quaffing it, you will feel more able to perceive your environment, specially during in the darkness, thanks to the moss. A side effect of its activity, as it draws its energy from your body, is to weaken you for a while. The whole lasts for several days.

How to obtain: The seeing herblore can be learned from a book carried by the witch south-east from Fornost.

Ingredients: Bag of cinnamon, rosemary leaves and phosphorescent moss.

Product: (outdated) Phosphorescent bottle (20/500) - lasts like 1 rl day.

Effects: Night vision. Perception +3 and constitution -1 for 10 hours. After that, perception +2 and constitution -1 for 15 hours. After that, perception +1 for 40 hours.

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