This oil, when made, will make the drinker limber and energetic, in combat he or she will be more able than normal.

The base for this recipe is a tincture of oil. Add paprika for stimulation of the muscles, and rose petals to warm them. A vanilla bean will cause the blood to circulate more quickly, and two parts of rosemary will quicken the mind and speed up reactions.

The user must be warned; after the exertion, his muscles will be tired and stiff for several hours.

How to obtain:

Bring to Erestor in Rivendell a dark-side artifact. It is not guaranteed that you will get the herblore though. Either you will get the herblore, or xp + chance on flask of miruvor (but chance for the herblore seems higher than 50% for most artefacts). (Maybe he teaches herblore only for items worth at least 5000 xp; Angmacil aka DCS is worth less so it could be the only artefact weapon which doesn't work for the herblore. There is also one evil item that gives more than 5000 xp and is not an artefact: “a deep black orb” and I *vaguely* remember that it worked for the lore. - Elestir)


tincture of oil, paprika, rose petals, vanilla bean, rosemary leaves x2.

Product: a vial of scented oil (lasted 71 minutes)

Effects: Offensive bonus +5 and dodge bonus +5 for 8 hours. After that, offensive bonus -5 and dodge bonus -10 for 4 hours.

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