Description: In the art of making a soothing draught, one must first make a base of honey. Often honey comes in the form of honey-combs, which must first be broken up into a thick pulp. Into that you must mix sage, for healing of the wound, and thyme to prevent the infection and partially numb the pain. Next, add a handful of blackcurrant so that the reagents can act together, and finally add the petals of a water lily, so that the blood may be purified and the wound may close.

When this draught is swallowed, for a while the recipient will experience a healing effect and his wounds will heal up. The fight against the infection will induce a spiritual weakness for a short duration.

How to obtain: Complete the quest given by Nordri in the Blue Mountains (see Nordri's Quest).

Ingredients: Honey, Sage, Thyme, Blackcurrant, Water-lily

Product: herbal draught

Effects: Hit point regeneration +15 and constitution +2 for 4 hours. After that, hit point regeneration +5 and dexterity -2 for 5 hours.

#>exa kit A herbal kit contains a handful of blackcurrant berries, a mashed honey-wax mixture, some grey-green leaves, some white petals, and some scented crushed leaves.

#>mix kit You start mixing the contents of a herbal kit.

You have finished mixing the contents of a herbal kit. You produced a herbal draught.

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