Leveling Guide

A short guide to help you level faster in MUME.

  • Citizenships in Bree, Fornost, GH, Rivendell etc. (loot racks for sellstuff)
  • (First pray Tharbad saves 100g)
  • Quest - ex. Herblore
  • TPS - get as much as possible when its safe to die
  • (Ask for Newbiekit)
  • Practice: Endurance, Wilderness
  • Weapon: Slash (cudgel, longsword)
  • EQ: - Soft leather (fullset), lantern, knife, FGC (moveregen). (loot humanoids)
  • Location: Fornost, Bree, GH, Shire (look for farms with animals)
  • Mobs: Cow, Deer, Sheep, Pig, Goat, Pony
  • (Hire mercenaries)
  • (be permanently drunk - you will have extra HPs/MPs, but less INT and WIS)
  • Practice: Ride, Parry, Bash, (Cure Light)
  • Weapon: Slash, Bows
  • EQ: -
  • Location: North/South of Bree
  • Mobs: Wolf (all kinds), Elk, Bull, Ruffian, Bandit
  • (Hire mercenaries, ask for enchant)
  • Practice: Bash
  • Weapon: Slash or 2H
  • EQ: (full metal)
  • Location: Bree, GH
  • Mobs: brigands, bears, funguses, spirits and slugs
  • (Stab, Blind/Shoot, Charm)
  • (use mob weakness - wood/fire & axe, undead/dispevil, concussion/metal etc.)
  • Practice: Mainspec
  • Weapon: (use axe on wood mobs)
  • EQ: -
  • Location: North GH, South Bree, Tharbad
  • Mobs: Lions, grizzly bears, roots, ghosts, vines
  • (Stab, Blind/Shoot, Charm)
  • Practice: Mainspec
  • Weapon: -
  • EQ: -
  • Location: Arda (the entire world is yours to command)
  • Mobs: Named mobs, trees, trolls, cavebear
  1. Fish (trout, salmon), birds, crabs
  2. A brown fox, A fallow deer
  3. A goat, A woolly sheep
  4. A brown cow, A well-fed cow, A forest spider, A mountain goat, A pony
  5. A black raven, Hobbit smuggler, A tall stag, A great male deer, An ancient fungus, A large ram, A docile horse
  6. A tree-snake, A large elk, A grey wolf, A pack horse, A small boar, A bull stands here, A powerful ram, A black wolf, A pack horse, A vicious little bandit
  7. A wild bull, The mother wolf, A mass of buckthorn, A large mother hawk
  8. A fierce wolverine, A raider, The wild ox, A snake, A grey wolf, A ruffian, A huge, black wolf, A large elk, A water moccasin, A sturdy bandit bodyguard, A cavern-wing, A boar, A broomrape plant, A heap of rooting stems
  9. A giant slug, A limping orc, A large brown snake, The queen bat, A ferocious warg, A huge, poisonous spider, A malevolent bat
  10. A disgusting forest troll, A malicious thug, A smuggler, A huge black fungus, A giant lizard, A wild stallion, A black widow, A huge millipede, A thief, Thena Shadowstalker
  11. A huge warg, An intact skeleton, A large sturgeon, A mewlip, A giant termite, An experienced smuggler, A mass of wriggling vines
  12. A mean looking robber, A thug, A young mountain lion, A mottled snake, An orc-guard, A powerful lioness, A brown bear, A spirit, A clump of roots
  13. A dark maned lion, A lioness, A queen bee, A black bear, A brown fungus, A Bounder, An Isengard Guard
  14. A great warg, A dark-haired warrior, A shadowy haunt, A huge tarantula, A shadow, A thick tangle of vines, A tangly shrub. A thief, A Rohir Marksman, An elven Guard
  15. A moaning ghost, The chief of smugglers, A huge grizzly bear, A diamond-back rattlesnake, A slim elven ranger, An ancient spirit, A skeletal warrior, A great wolf with, A subterranean lizard, A grizzly bear, A lion, A Shirriff
  16. Massive roots, A dark intangible shadow, An ancient warg, A vulture, A war-weary wight-warrior, A dark wraith, Morthan Blacksoul, A Dunlending hunter, A lurg leader
  17. A raging bear, Bill Ferny, An old wight, An evil priest, A trapped wraith, A huge troll, A lithe orc
  18. A brutish forest troll, An ancient oak , A slender hornbeam, An mature linden tree, An orcish shaman, A dark troll, An elven huntsman, bandit leader, The Liche
  19. A tall birch, A hardened ranger, A crazed dwarf, Mormaeg, A shade, A long grey snake, The huge ice-demon , A mother eagle, Shadowy Priest, A wight bodyguard, A haughty elm, A birch tree , An imposing beech tree, An experienced explorer, A Rohir scavenger, Cinard the Master Thief
  20. Ashen aberration, A giant and ancient yew, A guardian stone beast, Nagrorh, A menacing looking tree, A dragon column, An orm, A worm-like creature, A water-drake, A wight noble, A giant yew, A black alder, A tall scots pine, An ash tree, Bulag, Nagrorh, A mountain troll, A forest giant
  21. Urgorl, Harry the Gatekeeper, Haldin the Marshal, A big cavebear
  22. A large predatory lion, A huge stone giant, A huge statue, Ushurg, A naugrim spectyre, Maranwë, Umuk, Karcarak, Amanrandil
  23. Wight Captain, Ghostly Captain
  24. A monstrous black spider, A grey spider, Death Knight, Shaghosh
  25. Mezagor, The scaly beast, Unqalome, Necromancer, Aldereon, Muranog
  26. Wight-lord, Quickbeam the Ent, Sage, Círdan the Shipwright

Don't overkill!

If your knowledge about mobile becomes higher than 30-40%, stop killing this kind of mobs.
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